Cryogenic Warrior.

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Cryogenic Warrior.

The first thing that I sensed as the tube opened was the acrid scent of cleansers. The next thing I felt was the unforgiving kiss of the hard concrete floor. As I open my eyes, they slowly adjust to the dim light, my ears warning me of the approach of something large. Instincts fine honed by years of fighting snap to attention, my body tensing, muscle mercifully preserved by the cryo-stasis coming to the ready, the large shaggy, toothsome creature coming through the doorway hesitated as it saw me in combat stance, muscles flexing. In that half second of hesitation, I took my chance, lunging forward, the creature doing the same, but I already had leverage, I lifted that beast about six inches off the floor before slamming it into the hard edge of the door jamb, the creature howling in shock, before being silenced by the sickening crack of it's spine snapping as it is trapped between my mass and unyielding surface. My next instinct is clothing, I grab a hospital gown, then hesitate a moment, and grab a medical kit off the wall, and a couple large sharp pieces of glass, old skills returning rapidly as I set to work, carefully peeling the hide from the shaggy dog-like beast. And with a bit of work, and the brain of the beast, I make myself a simple cloak, it is thick, and heavy, good for warmth. I then crawl out the window, something driving me forward, I head out, looking for somewhere, anywhere I can find myself a warm place to sleep.

Not far from the facility I can see buildings, so I head in that direction. Soon I find myself nearing the buildings, and I am greeted by an unsettling sight, the buildings are abandoned, in various states of decay. At this point, I realize that things are very, very bad, the worst of it being the fact that the only thing I can remember is my name, honestly, I seem to remember more about hunting, skinning, local plants, and and picking locks than I do about where I came from, well, at least I remember how to make some basic weapons. After my musings I set about my work, gathering anything I can find, my body's conditioning a merciful salvation, getting me into a number of places I couldn't have otherwise reached. By the end of my scavenging I have found myself a few handfuls of string, a plastic sled, a couple of broken bottles, a tarp and a ratty old backpack. Taking up my new-found supplies, I take the time to thread a tow-strap onto the sled, and take the thing with me towards the nearby woods, my mind reeling with the realization that I alone in what is quite likely a highly hostile environment, and probability shows it to be unlikely I will have a handy door jamb available the next time I run into something that wants to eat me. This leaves me with only one option, it's time for me to prepare myself some weapons.

Once I have reached the forest, I set about my task, gathering branches and twigs from the nearby forest, first I fashion myself a spear, taking the string, a large straight, strong branch from a hardwood tree, and use a bit of string to afix a carefully shaped glass spearhead to the sharpened end of the spear. A good basic weapon, a good start, this will be the key to survival, a good reach, and highly lethal in trained hands, such as my own. Now armed, I move to my next task, food, I set about finding myself something to eat and it doesn't take long, as I soon find myself several large berry bushes, at which point I am glad for my knowledge of local flora, as I find several Blueberry and Blackberry bushes, but also several raspberry bushes, but also find poisonous varieties of red and yellow berries, which I bypass, I also find local edible mushrooms, though I am double cautious, and rightly so, as this species is very similar to the infamous 'Death Cap' in appearance. After gathering a good meal of edible berries and mushrooms I set about starting up a fire, and set myself down for my first night in a dense thicket in the woods, a roaring fire beside me, I drape my dogman fur cloak around me, and curl close to the fire for my first night's sleep.

It is a good story, but there's no struggle. I often play a similar character to this, and it is just too easy. It isn't interesting to read.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.