Botany skill disappeared?

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Botany skill disappeared?

So I've been playing using botany lately, grateful for the extra water.  While I was playing I was identifying some yellow berries by putting the botany skill in the creation area with the item.  When I identified it the botany skill disappeared from the skill menu.  This wasn't the first time I had used it.  Specifically I had identified mushrooms in the past.I still seem to get the passive benefits of botany (increased water and mushroom finds). But the skill box at the bottom of the screen and on the abilities tab is blank. After saving and reloading, the area where the skill was is still blank.  I can put other skills in the slot where it used to be, above my traits.After saving and loading, sleeping, resting, exiting and reentering the hex, entering and finishing combat etc. the botany skill is still gone.For reproducingv 0.929bskills: medic, hiding, lockpicking, athletic, night vision, (botany) <- used to be heretraits: basic, basic, basic, basic, insomniac, myopia

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Hey gordonfremen,It sounds like a bug, though I'm having trouble making it happen here. I tried identifying yellow berries after having used the skill in scavenging and identifying of other foods, including mushrooms. I also tried doing various combinations of take/drop, move, quick recipe buttons, and swapping items in and out, but can't seem to make it happen.Do you remember any other details about what happened just prior to the disappearance? Were you dragging items into the crafting box? Take/dropping them? Or using quick recipe buttons? Was there limited space left on the ground/character? Did you do any item swapping? (e.g. replacing one item with another in a container or slot) And can you remember if you clicked the Confirm button or used the spacebar hotkey?I have a hunch that the game tried to put the skill into the skill slot, failed, and instead of returning it to the crafting area, deleted it. But I can't seem to force it to happen.Let me know if you think of any other info, or if you see it happen again.

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Sorry, I don't remember the details.  I was going to load the game to check it out again but I can't load now.  Assuming the new beta patch.All I remember is identifying items as normal then having the botany skill gone when I tried to identify again. Hard to tell how many turns passed.  Once I get back to playing (not tonight) I will let you know if it happens again.

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This happened to me just now and I was hoping to find a solution (damn) so I ought to share:

I was using Trapping to skin a squirrel. I didn't realise I was out of movement points. Irritated, I started shuffling stuff about hastily prior to leaving the items screen to end the turn. I must have mis-clicked because what happened was, I picked up the trapping skill and dropped it below where the skills sit, down where the messages appear. The box flew away out the bottom of the screen.

So I thought perhaps it had gone to the camping screen or something; flicked through all the screens, no sign of it.

Didn't take me long to wonder if I could lose negative traits the same way, but somehow this resulted in my losing Botany as well. Now I'm really screwed!

As an aside, I think a small but significant improvement would be a little noise and flash when you're out of movement points.

By the way, I don't know what's all new in this latest version, but it's been the most fun and long-lasting game so far. (EDIT: The morale system works beautifully for me) Um, see if this lost skill bug is fixed in the next version, will I lose my save if I update? (he asks with a wobbling lower lip)

I think one of the more recent builds includes a fix for negative traits, so they can't be unslotted. So depending on how old your build is, the skills should be improved. Let me know if the latest build is still giving you issues!

Re: save games, I think the only save-game-breaking change lately has been the stacking items update. That was a couple of weeks ago, and old games crossing that save boundary will have all their stacks reduced to 1 item each. However, you may want to back up the save, just in case :)

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Ah right, I thought I had the latest but I'd re-downloaded the Be Mine pack and the actual latest, latest version was through Desura, which I'd never used. So I got that and have had a very good innings - dunno whether it's me or the updates but I'm finding dogmen consistently manageable now.

I probably have a really tight strategy now; I would say that getting to the glow

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and buying nightvision goggles

EARLY is a survivability essential.

P.S. I'm getting asked to do the verification thing every post now for some reason. For previews & edits too.

Good to hear that it's behaving better in new builds!

The verification thing is a new anti-spam feature I installed. It checks each post for the likelihood of spam, and if it seems suspicious, it will challenge the poster with a CAPTCHA.

In your case, it might be triggered by the "buying nightvision goggles" phrase, since that could be a similar pattern to spam.

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