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Wildland Wanderers RP [Applications]

Game has begun, new applications must be posted here, once approved RP will be on the new Wasteland Wanderer's Thread.

I Aiden_Hoyt am GM and arbiter of disputes.
All players get a character with the same starting skills as is possible at game Start in the Neo Scavenger game.

Since this is not going to be the same start as the Neo Scavenger game I as GM will determine each character's starting gear based on the skills you choose at character start-up.

Include all chosen skills and drawbacks in your post in this topic.

Also include a physical description and what kind of character you feel you would like to play.

Character Sheet should include:

Skills:(4 by default can take more with defects same as in game)
Inventory:(Remember you don't have magic bags you can only take so much with you)
Status:(Injuries, current mood, hungry, thirsty, you name it)

The last two categories will start as [None] until the RP begins.

Inventory is same rules as the Game, with a few minor changes. [More clothing slots, more equipment slots, etc]

A few pointers for the roleplay.

ONE: This is a freeform roleplay, meaning it is about interaction, and not random chance.
TWO: You have skills but NOT stats. This is fitting, since NEO Scavenger is already setup without stats, making the setting well suited for freeform roleplay.
THREE: There are no dice. Anytime that there is a question of probability it is determined by the GM.
FOUR: This MUST be true to NEO Scavenger canon for the most part, as this is a perfect freeform setting, with lots of room for development and adaptation by Characters.

Rules of play:
The Roleplay will be done in a round robin format, each player makes ONE post describing their character's actions, then the next player makes a post, then the next, until all players have made their post, then the GM makes their post for themselves, then one for the monsters.
Please observe and respect this important rule of Freeform Roleplay, DO NOT use controlling language, instead of posting things like 'hits Dogman' or 'stabs [character name]' use language like 'attempts to strike dogman, or 'lunges at [character name] attempting to impale them.
Another important thing in freeform roleplay, especially in a forum setup like this, [b]DETAIL, DETAIL, DETAIL![/b] longer more descriptive posts are more enjoyable to read, and leave me as a GM with more room to allow both positive and negative effects for your character.

I have said this a couple times, but apparently I need to put it in the main post. [b]NO ONE starts the RP injured, hungry, OR thirsty. EVERYONE starts with 10 handfuls of berries and two small roasted meat, khaki pants, a t-shirt and a Hoodie in addition to the approved gear for their character.[/b]

Yes, you can wear and hoodie and a hide long coat at the same time.

As an example, I will include my character's starting character sheet:

Name: Redwood Littletree
Age: 30
Basic Human: Melee
Basic Human: Strong
Basic Human: Tough
Basic Human: Trapping
Insomniac: Botany
Metabolism: Medic
Myopia: Lockpicking
Eye Augment: Eagle Eye
NV Augment: Nightvision
TZ Augment: Telescopic
ATN Training: Ranged

Description: This grizzled old survivalist is covered in scars from head to toe, he is a bit on the heavy side, unusual for a wastelander, but from the smell of berries and roast meat emanating from his pack, the heavy broad-point spear in his hand, and the battered crowbar strapped across his back his belly seems well earned, and from the hard look and tapestry of scars it is easy to see this is not a man you wish to try to take on from anywhere close enough for him to take you down with the spear, which you are pretty sure he knows how to use very well. Further, the Native style bow strapped across his back and quiver bristling with arrows at his hip shows that it may be wise to avoid pissing the old man off.

Inventory: Backpack, Broad Spear, Sauce Pan(BP), 4 medium meat [cured](BP), 2 medium meat [roasted](BP), 8 small meat [cured](BP), 30 handfuls of edible blue berries(BP), native style hip pack. Dogman Fur Cloak, Khaki Cargo Pants, Hide Long Coat, Quiver, 15 Broadhead Arrows, Native Bow.

Status: Well-fed, Well-Hydrated, Good Physical Condition.

[Do note, this is the GM-PC, my avatar in the game world, so most of the kip he starts with is to keep the players from dying right off from the easily avoidable problems]
[Edited to put him in a position to actively aid the PC's]

Harold Dunbar known simply as "Bruiser"

Name: Harold Dunbar
Basic Human-Hacking
Basic Human-Melee
Basic Human-Athletic
Basic Human-Strong

Description: An energetic young survivor who grew up in the ATN enclave. His first instinct is to beat you to death and take your stuff. If you prove you can't be knocked off your feet and kicked to death he might consider talking to you. If you manage to get to befriend him he's talkative about things like guns or how best to kill someone. He's pretty bold as long as you aren't holding a gun. If you are, he might consider taking a step back. He also never boils his water, says it ruins the taste.

I'd also like permission to start out with what someone would start out with if they were leaving the ATN enclave like 2 backpacks in degrading condition, a hide long coat, a club or 2, and maybe a bow? That just seems realistic for my character.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.

I approve the following items for your character:

1 Greenwood Bow, 10 Crude [pick your type] arrows, 1 ATN War Club, 1 Native Backpack [same stats as Yukon in good condition, made from Deer Hide], 1 hide long coat, 1 Hide Quiver, 1 Hide Bag, with 6 bear roots and a bottle of tannin tea.

I would like to request that I have the ATN enclave specific bow, on account that he grew up in the enclave. I would also like to request that my hide quiver bag be able to actually hold arrows, unlike in neo scavenger itself.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.

Hey guys! I've never ever done anything like this, but it sounds really cool, would it be okay if I joined in? Feel free to turn me down if you would rather have more experienced participants, I won't take any offense from it at all!

My main question is how will this work.. I know it will work similiar to D&D however being the person who never had enough friends who were interested to play some I never got to play any D&D.Leaving me as not knowing how stat rolls and such will work.
Anyhow I will make a character here because I am interested.
Description:Rogar was one of the low life's of the michigan wastes. Always taking any opportunity to pickpocket,making much a coin, also being somewhat unsuccesful in one of his more recent encounters of pickpocketing DMC guards by the Gate to detroit, he ended with an exile for some time.Living off the ATN for the majority of that time and protecting them somewhat, but still digging away at anythong he could find.
Inventory:Yukan backpack,laptop with basic hacking equipment,A few scraps of old squirrel and dear meat, basic clothing-jeans, shirts.packs a badly damaged but lightweight crowbar and a few rags for first aid.
Status:Hungry,Hydrated,decent physical condition

going for the classic rogue/thief setup here

I approve the following items for your starting character: 1 Yukon Backpack, 1 Laptop with Br1ng software, 1 crowbar with strap, 1 medikit with 5 clean rags, an empty memory stick, and a bottle of over the counter pain pills with twelve pills left.

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I suppose I'll start

Bruiser runs up to Redwood as he is about to start the Trek back to the outside world, along with all the other traders and scavengers that came into the compound. "Hey Redwood!" Bruiser calls out as he approaches Redwood, Bruiser is fully equipped to set out, complete with a club in his hand a backpack chock-full of supplies. "Do you, uh, think I could explore the world with you?" he asks as he tentatively scratches the back of his neck and looks at his shoes before glancing up to Redwood eagerly waiting for an answer with hope in his eyes.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.

Rogar as he stares at the death silent man:redwood wonders if he can pickpocket a few berries from his pack as a snack...

The grizzled scavenger's sharp metallic eyes scan the crowd, his gaze suddenly coming to rest on Rogar, the battle-scarred veteran of the wilds watching carefully. "Let me guess, Bruiser. The Elders said you either find someone to apprentice under or they would choose your apprenticeship for you? And I am guessing they were pushing you to become a field hand? Yes, you can apprentice with me, for now, but if I catch you up to any unfortunate antics, I will send you back here with a stern recommendation to the Elders that you be put on Well Digging duty until your hair turns white."
He calmly strolls towards Rogar. "If you're hungry, ask, staring for too long will tip off most of the older heads that you are up to something. Now, I have work, and if you are willing to pull your weight I could use another set of hands, and you seem a bit out of place in the Enclave, let me guess, the Sky Corps Patrols decided they didn't like you and found an excuse to get you out of the city for a good long time."

Replying to Redwood's interpretation of my past experience, Rogar replies £It is true that I got kicked out of DMC for interfering with police actions, Sadly they left me for dead in the woods slightly north east a few miles, expecting me to come back dead rather than alive. Although this was the case, I still managed to get a few 'Files' of DMC info on my laptop, Also I expect it is most likely out of date considering the length of time away from the sprawling streets of DMC."

*eats some berries whilst showing the files of information stored on the laptop to redwood and bruiser*

"So what do you make of these?"


He grins widely and nods. "Got it, sir. Although, am I allowed to kill armed Blue Frogs and Bad Muthas? If we happen to find any." When he glances over at Rogar's laptop and his eyes light up with excitement, remembering all the time he spent on his own stolen laptop, teaching himself the hacking skill. Which, by the way is totally against the ATN Enclave's wishes. I skillfully hide the excitement in my eyes like I always do around my parents and the elders and I say tastelessly. "Technology is the reason why the world went to hell in the first place." I look at Redwood through my peripheral vision, wondering if he caught onto the fact that I'm faking about my hatred of technology and I ask Redwood, "Can we leave now?"

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.

The old veteran laughed, shaking his head slowly. "No, Technology is not the reason the world went to hell, technology, like anything else is a tool, you should know that. It is the folly of man in thinking he could assume mastery over nature that is the cause of our fall." He leans forward, looking the younger man square in the eyes. "Also, I know there are rumors the Enclave opposes technology, but it's a Myth, the enclave opposes nothing so long as it is not harmful to the safety of the Enclave." He grins a bit, brushing a hand over his beard. "The Enclave disallows technology to their students because technology is not needed for daily survival, they teach you the important skills first, you can learn the unimportant things when you are older, and survival skills come as naturally as breathing. And as to killing, once we leave the Enclave, you are to immediately disable or kill ANYTHING that behaves aggressively, armed or not, if they keep running towards you, and ignores a SINGLE attempt to communicate, you are to assume it means to eat you, and behave accordingly."
The old man then turns his attention to Rogar's laptop, taking a moment to assess the files, pondering a moment. "Ummm, these look like records from the 'Double H.'" He examines them, pondering. "Interesting, but I doubt they will be of value to anyone outside the DMC, though, there is some kind of software file here, maybe that could be useful." The older man shrugs, shaking his head. "Never did find the time to learn about how to use these things properly, I know how to do the basics, but that is hardly a noteworthy skill."

As Rogar stroked his battle-hardy beard grown from months of wear and care,He asks a noteworthy question to Redwood:"well our time preparing to go scavenging, is over. Where shall we head?To the north where the Dogmen breed and murder ruthlessly or shall we head south to much unexplored ruins of Michigan?". Also unknowing of his nearby whereabouts,He decides to map his nearby sightings onto a quick 'paint' document,saves it and closes it safely along with the rest of his berries and readies himself for the possibility of an encounter with some unwanted foes."In my honest view, I see ourselves as going south towards the cost towards the coast, Considering the high dangers of the dogmen in the mostly unmapped regions of the northern spots of Michigan".(Side Note for GM:Before we head off,May I request conditions for our characters-food,water,time ig and tiredness?)

I nod solemnly, knowing how much my own parents oppose technology. I then ask tentatively, "What if it is a dogma or an armed bad mutha who is too close to risk trying to ask for peace without being exposed to a counterattack?" I glance over at Rogar's computer wishfully, desperately hoping that I'm able to get my hands on one once we leave the enclave. "And are will by chance going to the DMC at some point?" I add disguising the hope in my voice.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.

[I listed above that all players start with two small roasted meat and ten berries, also, everyone starts at full health, no wounds at this time]

The Veteran laughs, looking over at Rogar. "If you are afraid of dogmen, then you should stay here as a nursemaid. We go west to the coast, then cut north along the coast, the purpose of our expedition is to find out if there is still a bridge to the upper peninsula. If we can find means to reach the upper peninsula, we are going to explore the area, and see if we can find a safer route out of the Michigan Wilds than the Long Trek through the Black Swamp." He grins a bit looking over at Bruiser. "As for you, you know as well as anyone how well negotiating with dogmen works, if they are too close to try to scare away with threats, then defend yourself, I should not have to teach you such basics, boy." He grabs his pack, slinging it onto his shoulders, then sling his bow over his shoulder, and finally, grabs his spear, using it as a walking stick as he heads for the entrance to the enclave.

Name: Nicholas Ryker (Can be called Nick, it doesn't matter)
Age: 17
Skills: Basic Human - Ranged
Basic Human - Athletic
Basic Human - Hiding
Basic Human - Tracking
Metabolism - Eagle Eye
Insomniac - Strong
Description: Some could call me the more unprepared fraction of the whole Apocalypse pie graph. Not being completely ready to have his family being torn apart by Dogmen only a few months into the transaction from daily life to fight for survival. A young Nicholas was tormented and was deemed mentally unstable and not tough enough to be accepted into the larger factions, so he kept to his own in the hopes he'll do fine. Even after trying to adapt he could never get the hang of the whole "Apocalyptic warrior" status, he wasn't good at hunting. Not even close to be called a Doctor to help the people he's come across in his journies across the vast landscape. So he stopped trying and used what he did have. His skill at having 20/20 vision, and being somewhat good with Ranged weapons. This he could easily adapt and be able to survive for a while on his own. That is until he came across your group of weathered "Apocalyptic Warrior" people he wished to be.
Inventory: Greenwood Bow, 2 Backpacks, 4 Noisetraps, a Monkey Wrench, and some food of any sort
Status: No Injuries, relatively hungry (But who isn't at this point?), Thirst moderately quenched but still going down, and in a decent enough mood.
Hope I get in, thanks for reading even if I don't!

Nicholas is approved. Your status is fully hydrated, rested, and fed, we start at the ATN Enclave, so no excuse for not being at full health. Your kit is approved, save you only get one (1) backpack. You do start with ten arrows and a quiver for them, however.

Name: Simon
Age: 20
Basic Human: Metabolism (the good kind)
Basic Human: Trapping
Basic Human: Botany
Basic Human: Athletic

Description: Apathy would appear to be Simon’s main defining characteristic; after all, he feels it makes forgetting easier, and the lessons Simon learned in a life time of scavenging are hard to forget. At least he can take solace now that he doesn’t dream of them much anymore. The brown hair of his body has all been shaved away, leaving behind only the shortest fuzz on his head. His piercing green eyes hardly moving as if his attention was elsewhere. Of course that could just be the result of escaping Bad Muthas only to be captured and brought to the ATN Enclave.

Inventory: One well maintained metal saucepan. The rest I leave up to the GM.

Status: Fed, Hydrated, Not Dead.

[I'm not too late to join in the fun am I?]

Simon is approved, welcome to the RP, moving on, you have the standard supplies listed above at the bottom of the main post, the sauce pan is approved as well. You also are outfitted in a hide longcoat and given a hide bag, and a hide backpack [same as Yukon but hand made] You also received a Simple Machete, a spool of thread. You also managed to keep a Pearson Ravager in moderate condition as well as the sauce pan.

As the group begins to stroll the exterior preparing to leave the the ATN outpost the next day,They see a person appearing as friendly and unarmed with 'ought but a pristine shiny metal saucepan,being escorted by another for the enclave.The group stride over in an orderly fashion to meet and greet the newcomer and discuss matters with the enclave guard.The group get along to a friendly discussion with the guard and ask about the newcomer along with discussing matters with the guard known as "Simon". Rogar suggests to the leader, Redwood the possibility of bringing "Simon" along on our travels as well as seeing to the prisoner.

Simon, hearing his name, listened as Rogar voiced his idea to the grizzled veteran. Adding on to Rogar’s suggestion Simon carefully explained “I would most appreciate the opportunity to join you wherever you are headed. For you see… I’m quite anxious to leave. Not that my “host’s” hospitality is lacking” Simon’s eyes quickly dart to his Enclave escort “it’s just that…I didn’t intend on my stay here to be very long, and I feel as though I will soon overstay my welcome. It would be most neighborly of you to give me a hand.” A small smile plays across Simon’s face to some inside joke before returning to its previous calm focus.

Out of the corner of your eye you notice the silhouette of a slim looking man. He's standing there patiently, just watching. (I don't want to be the antagonist but we need one, and I think I'll make a perfect stalker. Let me know if y'all are ok with it, that's why I didn't write to much that time. Introducing the thought)

This thread is becoming the application Thread for Wasteland Wanderers RP. Please repost all posts to the Wasteland Wanderer's RP Thread.

I'm sorry. How do I remove my posts?

Not needed anymore, nevermind, I am moving the RP itself to another thread, so this can strictly be applications. I am currently reviewing several prospective new members.

We are moving to the Wildland Wanderers [Roleplay] thread. I have made a first post, everyone is to make one (1) post, as an introduction. EVERYONE will be brought to Redwood's location by one of the ATN Warriors. All of you will be aware that you are being given a task to aid Redwood, either as part of your education [If born in the ATN], or as payment for food and medicine provided to you. Post order is irrelevant, and you are NOT to have your character react to the other players yet, as you are all coming from different areas of the Enclave compound, and do not meet until you get to the location where Redwood is talking to the Elder.

Name:Drank Garrick
Background: Mr. Drank Garrick grew up on a fairly isolated farm he lived a really sheltered life Until that tragic night, But before i go into detail about that your gonna need a little background. The farm known simply as Reach had been going strong even after the world came to an end. It had been in the Garrick family sense before the country had even came to be. Throughout the years the farm has gone from Several acreage to just a few fields. After the war Garrick Seniors Father worked diligently to remove raiders from usable land. After eking out a Nice property they proceed to Plant and raise animals. They took on farm hands that wandered onto the property. The reason the farm still operated even after the collapse was because it was nuzzled in a valley between a wasteland and monster area. Garrick seniors father would take month long trips just so he would not lead anyone back to the farm. After several years Garrick seniors father passed away leaving the farm to Garrick senior. Dranks father Garrick senior had always found his fathers month long trips to be wasteful. So he didn't bother with the trips. On his first trip out he met Mrs. Garrick a Lovely lass of 15. He married her on the spot and brought her back to his farm Not realizing the wrong he did a Mr. Lawrie Shad Whom had his eye's on the girl. Several years Passed bringing Young Drank into the world. He grew up not really knowing how Messed up the world had become. 20 long years of working the farm gave Drank much experience. Garrick Senior decided to bring Drank with him on his next trip into the city. There Mr.Lawrie Shad After all these years of hate brewing decided it was time to get even. He went directly for drank stabbing him in the gut Drank blacked out but not before watching his father shoot Mr. Lawrie Shad in the chest with his .38 Revolver. When he came too it had been several days. Mr. Lawrie had died,But his father a Local bandit warlord had sworn vengeance. A year goes by giving Drank time to heal. The day comes when Garrick senior leaves for the Annual trip into town. He brings Drank back several gifts but does not realize hes being followed. That night as Drank is admiring the New toys his father had brought him(items will be said later) there is an explosion in the yard. Gunfire, Shouts, Smoke, Screams is all he hears as Mr. Shads men ravage the farm and land, Destroying the buildings slaughtering the animals and salting the earth. Drank being a Natural at hiding quickly grabs his gear and sets out to find his family. He stumbles upon a scene His father, Mother and younger sister all upon there knees. Mr. Shad says some Cliche bad guy lines and shoots his mother in the head. Before the father can even move he then shoots the sister in the stomach...He steps over to Garrick Senior. He looks down upon him and just frowns a sad frown before shooting him in the head.

At this point Drank doesn't know what to think His world has been shattered. He gets the urge to run out and confront the Warlord, But he holds back. the next thing he knows he hears his sister whimper, Mr.Shad looks down and says to one of his men...Do with her what you will before turning and leaving the area. The man walks up menacingly towards the sister and starts to undo himself saying some nasty thing or other...Drank Finally snaps breaking cover and charging straight at the man. He bring two hands down Axe style across the mans back while hes not looking. The man goes down so drank examines his sister, He lifts her and starts carrying her to safety but not before the bandit turn and draws a Deadly looking Meat cleaver that Drank Recognizes as "The Slayer" his family used to put wounded animals out of there misery. He sets his sister down and grabs up a Nearby Rock. The two men approach each other but before they are in range (about 4 hexie) Drank Chucks the rock at the Bandits chest. He misses but it was a distraction before Tackling the bandit to the ground. Now both on the ground the bandit goes to get up immediately. Drank lashes out with his foot bringing him back down. Drank then stands more quickly then the bandits. He proceeds to kick the bandit in the head saying. How. Dare. You. Try. To. Rape. An. Innocent. Girl...By time he stops the bandit is no longer moving...He reaches down and retrieves "The Slayer" before returning to his sister.

Two more years pass bringing Drank to the age of 23,His sister having recovered now runs a Laundering service in a No-name town, It surprises Drank just how successful she is. He went on a quest of vengeance himself. Eliminating Mr.Shad's Organization. Now he wanders about unsure of what to do next...But he knows one thing...Sooner or later Mr.Shad will meet the deadly end of "The Slayer"

Description:Drank Garrick Stands about 6 ft(I say about because who has measuring tape anymore) He has Thick brown hair that is Slightly curly. He's of an Average build with muscles of Manual Labor.

Basic Human:Strong
Basic Human:Botany
Basic Human:Medic (Basic Knowledge from Farm Animals)
Basic Human:Melee
Insomniac:Hiding (Due to his sleepless nights he's Developed the ability to sneak around)
Metabolism:Tough (having Grown up on a farm he was used to Three square meals a day, thus granting him a slight healing boost and the ability to take a hit. But now he has to eat more often or the detriment to himself is noticeable)

Inventory:Blue Jeans, Left and Right Pack Boots. Black Shirt. Olive-colored Hoodie. Patchwork Gloves and cloak. .38 Revolver, with 6-8 bullets. Special Meat Cleaver "The Slayer". A Yukon Backpack. A Squirrel Snare. A Zippo Lighter(rechargeable). 2 Purified waters in bottles. 2 cooked squirrel meat. 6 none-poisonous berries. a First aid kit with 3 clean rags 2 pill bottles with an assortment of pills. 2 over the counter painkillers. 1 prescription antibiotic. 3 sleeping pills. a Metal sauce pan. a Multi-tool. and a Small sleeping bag. Two Noise-makers(The basic kit of a Well to do survivor)

Status:Infected cut on the leg from tripping in the woods, slight hunger, No thirst. Tired after 2 days of Little sleep. He just set up camp for the Night on a wide-open plane so he could see if any one approaches, with his noise makers set up to alert him of any incoming threat

Captain Malcolm Reynolds:"I aim to Misbehave"
Arthur C. Clarke: “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

I don't even know where to start on this. I really don't. I do not want to discourage verbosity, but there is a reason that the others have short backgrounds. I am not looking for someone who wants to drags the RP off in their own direction. I don't want players to bring a large amount of plot baggage they are going to expect me to explore in detail, allowing them to run the plot towards the kind of RP they want to play. This is meant to be a simple form of roleplay, where the plot springs solely from the now, instead of being a product of the character's background. Where things are played out, and things happen based on what is going on around the characters, rather than rehashing some sordid past. You may post a new application, or edit this one, but I am not looking for someone who wants to drive the plot, I want players to who want to build a story.

For the record, in the new thread, I just started over, it seemed like we were supposed to. So disregard posts I made here.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.

That is correct Flubberj, thank you for paying attention!

Name: Jackson (never speaks his last name)
Age: 17

1- trapping
2- tracking
3- melee (He is mainly good with pole arms, EX: spears)
4- fishing (if possible, if not I could settle with metabolism)

Inventory: flimsy Spear, half broken hatchet (Listing any items not mentioned on main post, I don't like stocking up on weapons or tools, because really you only need one or two things)

Back story: He was an outcast to his family, but kept an open mind, and welcomed others, never judging them by skill but reliability and trust, which led to his encouragement to leave and be on his own, he also doesn't like eating or drinking to much, making him quite tall and slim.


Name: Jenny "Foxy" White

Age: 17

Skills: Athletic, Botany, Trapping, Lockpicking, Hiding- Metabolism

Description: Foxy is a kid of the Apocalypse. Born into this hostile world, she had to learn how to cope quickly, made all the more difficult because she was a small and slim girl. But what others might have seen as obstacles, she started seeing as opportunities. Thanks to her slim build, she had developed a good sense of avoiding conflicts wherever possible, either by running away, or by hiding. Growing up among the remnants of the leftovers of Smalltown Aemrica, she also became quite good at looting and living off the land.

Inventory: one set of improvised lock picks, one multitool kit, one battered crowbar slung over her right shoulder, one flashlight with batteries, one lighter, one pair of sneakers, one pair of knitted fingerless gloves

Hope I can still be taken in.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

Im pretty sure this RP has ended sorry to tell you,I've not recieved any info on whether aiden_hoyt wishes to continue it.