A few small suggestions.

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A few small suggestions.

I would like to suggest the addition of a second strapped weapon slot, allowing a player to have one strapped weapon over each shoulder. This seems like a simple enough change, and seems logical enough. The balance is even inherent, you can have two guns, the problem is you also have double the weight.

I would suggest also that a holsters of some kind be implemented, perhaps in lieu of the above suggestion, perhaps the shoulder strap slot instead can have a couple of possible holsters added, say the basic one gives you a pistol slot and a rifle slot, and there is advanced models with two rifle and two pistol slots, allowing the player to more easily carry their full compliment of weapons. Further, the 'rifle' slots could also hold 'long' melee weapons [crowbar/spear] and the 'pistol' slots could hold 'short' melee weapons [War-club/wrench/cleaver]. The 'Rifle' slots could also possibly include space for greenwood and/or native bows, but not the compound bow, as it is bulkier, but can collapse to fit into a backpack, making it easier to carry that way, and making it fit into the holster irrelevant.

I would like to suggest, as other have, RAINWATER CATCHES. Seriously, also, stills for purifying without fire. Water Filters. Better preservation methods for meat. [Smoking (takes longer, lasts as long as curing, requires a fire and a tarp<used as a tool>, Jerking (Requires Trapping and takes around five times as long as regular ash curing, but makes meat last up to 20x longer before decaying), Pickling(Triples longevity overall, requires botany but NOT trapping)]

I would also like to suggest a couple new body slots. One, a second pants slot, one should be able to wear khaki's over jeans, layering is a common tactic to ensure warmth. the 'hoodie' layer should be separate from the 'overcoat' layer, which should be separate from the 'armor' layer, and finally should be a 'cloak' layer, and the dogman fur coat should be moved to this outer-most 'cloak' layer, as it seems more of a cloak than a coat anyway, seeing as it is just a hide draped over the shoulders.\

This would make the layers: Shirt x3 > jacket [hoodie]> Coat [Long Coat] > Armor/Overcoat [Body Armor/Patchwork Fur Coat] > Cloak [Dogman Fur 'Coat'(renamed dogman fur cloak)]

This would help with hypothermia in colder times, and also have a disadvantage of making it more likely a player needs to remove layers to avoid heat exhaustion on warmer days.