Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

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Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

Entry #1 - Pain and Memories

The cryo pod door slides open releasing the cryo fluid inside. It was rushing out, carrying my unconscious body with it.
The cold fluid spreads around the floor, it hisses, then disappears.
I regained consciousness a few minutes later after I thawed off and stood up. I was disoriented and groggy, and my vision was blurry so I blinked hard trying to clear it and at the same time trying to wake myself up.

My mind was completely blank, no thoughts flowing through my mind at these moments and the dizziness didn't help. I tried hard to remember who I was despite this but nothing would be revealed.

Then I felt something wrapped around my wrist, I tried to make out the strange markings on it and eventually made sense of it.

It was my name.

"William Shaw" I read in my mind

I felt a extreme headache shortly after as my head was filled with small but useful bits of information of my past.

I remembered what my name was, where I was...

This carried on for a while revealing a tiny bit more of myself and and my current situation. It wasn't much but it was something, and it was definitely better then my blank state of mind earlier.

I got up and decided to examine the room, I noticed dust streaks on the floor which lead to a dark and quite spacious room.

The door's frame is heavily dented and there is a dried pool of blood on the floor. Like some thing was smashed here, and bled to death later. Something big.

Aside from that, the door had a plaque on the top door frame that said "EXAMINATION ROOM 17"

I entered and quickly scanned the dark room and found a few cabinets, I searched through them and found they had a few hospital gowns in them. I took some and did my best to cover myself from the cold.

I returned to the main room and was greeted by a strong gust of wind which blew through the broken glass window. I was glad to have covered myself earlier.

Without wasting anymore time complaining how cold it is in the room, searched the console for records. I fished through the records and found information about the other inhabitants of the pods except for mine.


A little more searching mixed in with some desperation allowed me to find some security footage some time later.

I looked behind me and saw half of a small black orb sitting in the corner of the room behind me. I turned back to the footage and watched...

A muscular but naked man holds up a fighting pose as a werewolf-like being enters the room. He charges at it and locks it in a choke hold and when it slips unconscious he repeatedly bashes the beast's head on the door. He then leaves and comes back with a few glass shards, skins the beast, wears it's pelt as some kind of coat, then leaves.

It's brutal, violent, and hilarious all at the same time.

"Well at least I know what happened" I said to myself in my head, giving a slight smirk.

"Looks like the only way out is this broken window."

I uneasily slide through the glass trying not to cut myself and I am greeted with a large field of grass and yet again, a cold breeze.

"Hmm... Strange. It looks like this grass hasn't been cut in years. But maybe that's just to try and hide the facility from curious eyes."

I do a complete perimeter check of the facility before continuing on, the gravel is a bit uneasy on my feet, so I quickly head inside the facility and tie torn hospital gowns that I retrieved from the examination room to my feet as a form of padding and protection and headed outside.

After navigating the jungle of grass, I hiked up a small hill to scout out what's ahead of me. Hopefully find a town and get some answers.

And just my luck, I spotted a small town about a kilometer away, and while turning behind me a forest not to far away from the point i'm standing.

After about a minute of thought I went on to head to the town and find some help, and with that a warm meal and some answers.

But something doesn't sit right. I'll have to just check the town and hope everything's fine.

End of Entry #1

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Entry #2 - Void

After a while of walking, i saw a paved road and decided that it was best to stick with it, as if anyone from the town came by in a car, i'd be able to hitchhike a ride back and find out what the hell happened.

A few hours past, and I was nearing the town. I sure was happy that I worked out before i went in the cryo facility, as i've been walking for a solid 3 hours, i wasn't tired but damn was I thirsty.

I neared the town, ignoring the thirst. I'm pretty sure a diner or something would give me some water at least.

I saw the traffic sign which was on the side of the road. It was rusty and the paint was chipped and faded. It raised my suspicions but I decided to ignore it for now.


When I finally reached outside of the town, I was in shock, and froze in place.

I stood and looked around me. The town was in the remnants of utter chaos.

Cars were burnt, some were flipped, and others jammed the roads and some piled up on each-other.

Buildings were burnt and broken, had graffiti scrawled upon the outside walls, glass was shattered, and some were in ruins.

Power cables were tipped and fallen, with wires snapped.

Seriously, what the hell happened here!?

I sat on a nearby stone bench, thinking about what's my next move.


I stood and turned my head around quickly and saw a man with ragged clothes, and greasy and matted hair. His skin harbored filth and numerous scars and neglected cuts.

I was taken aback by this and backed away

"HEYA, WHAT'CHA BACKIN' AWAY FOR? COME'ERE!" he shouted at my direction with a tone I could only describe as insane.

He then pulled out a long, slightly rusty blade with rags on the handle. It was a makeshift knife.

"I'MA CUT YOU UP AND MAKE SOME NICE GRUB, LOOK AT ALL THAT MEAT!" he shouted, walking slowly and menacingly toward me.

"W-w-what the hell man?!" I stuttered.

"ENOUGH TALKIN'!" after shouting this he went on and charged at me, blade high in the air.

I knew what was going to happen, and I knew this guy was going to kill me, and I had to fight back.

"YEARRGH!" he shouted as he swung the blade downward. I dodged it and heard it swipe through the air.

I stepped back a bit, preparing to dodge and attack again, my heart was pounding, I felt the adrenaline surge through my veins, my senses heightened. I was ready to fight back.

"YOU LUCKY BASTARD! I'LL MAKE SURE I'LL GET YA NEXT TIME!" He yelled as he reared back and lunged at me with his blade.

I jumped to the side and he was caught off balance, I took the chance and kicked his leg as hard as I could to make him fall.

A fell with a hard thud, then rolled onto his back to get up.

"You... You.. I'm gonna enjoy killin' you." He said, trying to recover from the fall.

I won't let him get up, so I rushed in and with all my force and kicked his face as hard as I could.

Blood spewed from his nose and mouth.

"GRAAH!" He yelled out. He then rolled on his chest to prop himself up and then proceeded to cough and spit the blood out as I stepped forward to beat him further. I am not going to let this bastard kill me. Crazy or not.

He slowly tried to get up but I kicked him in the chest again. He screamed in pain and tried to crawl away, he was almost off the sidewalk and was about to get on the road.

"Pleash mahn. Doghnt kill me..." He pleaded weakly, blood pouring from his mouth.

"I'm not going to let you get away. Rot in hell you piece of shit."

I then stomped on his head with all my might, his skull made a sickly crack and blood oozed from the curb.

I stepped back in realization on what I've just did. I just killed another person.

Maniac or not, i think I lost a part of myself just then, a part of my humanity... It felt like there was a empty spot in my chest - A void. But damn, I just got carried away, and why did it have to end like that?!


Soon after I calmed myself. It was hard, but I took a few deep breaths which helped...

I thought about how the town was in ruins and how there was some insane person that tried to kill me... What the hell happened when I was in that facility? I had so many questions, but no answers.

I grabbed the knife from the dead man I just killed. He won't be needing it, and i'm sure I don't want anybody else using it against me.

I walked away from the gruesome scene. I just wanted to get as far away from it as possible.

A strong wind blew upon me it chilled me to the core.

"Damn, it's cold... I need to get something on or get in a building or else i'll freeze"

End of Entry #2

Note: Sorry for taking so long, if you're reading my little story anyway. More will come eventually. S comment is much appreciated, as if I see comments I know people are reading my story and (Hopefully) enjoying it. Cheers!

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Nice stories man, a good read. Keep it up. :D

Thanks! I'll put up another entry soon, I got tons of ideas.

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Entry #3 - Scavenger

I turned around and looked at the corpse that I had created...

I thought about taking the clothes he had, but I thought it was better to get some relatively clean clothes to prevent any diseases, and by the looks of it, he probably had many.


I scanned the area around me, and found a small department store.

If I was going to look for items I need, or clues on what happened it would most likely be there.

After a few minutes of cautious walking, I managed to get into the entrance of the store. Glass was broken, items were scattered, and most of the racks and shelves were bare.

It still looked like there would be some items in here, luckily enough the large shattered windows provided well-needed light to the store, and I entered it to search for any useful items.

My first priority was to get some clothing, so I searched for some suitable clothes in the nearby men's clothing section.

After few minutes of searching I found a pair of blue jeans and some underwear. The jeans were a little tight on my waist, but it was the closest on my size. I took a belt with me anyway, in case I found another pair of pants that fitted me better and to have a place where I could securely hold my knife.

A short time after I found the jeans, I found a soft, white t-shirt and a black long-sleeve shirt to go with it. I quickly put them on, tossing my hospital gowns on the ground. Won't be needing them anymore.

I needed a backpack to hold any other items I may come across, so I took the sturdiest looking backpack from a rack and examined it. It was a spacious camping backpack, with two red areas on the sides. I read the tag on it "SWISS ARMY BACKPACK - RED CAMPING BAG".

I took the tags off and slung the two straps around my shoulders.

A pair of black, fingerless leather gloves were nearby, I quickly put them on as they would provide some protection and warmth. They fit well, and were really comfortable. After admiring these comfortable gloves, I pressed on.

A while later I found a pair of hiking socks, no shoes though. I'll look in the back storage for some shoes later, after I find a flashlight or something so I could look around the storage areas, as those areas are just pitch black.

Hmm... There has to be some kind of area were they have things like flashlights or lighters so I can see...

I Searched for a flashlight or lantern in the camping sections. Apparently all the camping supplies were gone, which includes flashlights and lanterns.

I searched other areas but with no luck.

Wait. In department stores like this, there has to be some emergency flashlights on the wall somewhere. I've seen a bunch of fire extinguishers on the walls, so there has to be at least one emergency flashlight around here somewhere...

It took a bit of searching, it paid off to check, as there WAS some emergency flashlights around. I quickly pulled off the last flashlight remaining from the wall and proceeded to the storage in the shoe section to see if they had any shoes that would fit me.


After walking from the other side of the store, I reached the storage. I pulled out my flashlight and turned it on, the light shot out and a high-powered beam of light cut through the darkness.

I walked in and shined my light around the area to see.

I scanned around pointing my flashlight in the direction I was looking. My flashlight passed something on the wall, shortly afterwards a groan and a growl originated from the same spot. I quickly pulled out my knife to defend myself and pointed my flashlight in the direction of the growl.

Oh god...

I saw a short, sickly looking creature with skinny arms and legs, a disfigured face, a bald head, and a bloated stomach. It was completely naked and stood up.

It bended it's knees and gave a growl. A few moments later the thing sprinted at me. I quickly evaded it's attack and swung my knife downward in it's direction and sliced it's back. It shrieked and turned to my direction to attack me, I dodged it again as the thing moved more slowly this time and I kicked it over.

When the thing was on the ground, I took my knife and drove it into it's heart. It squealed in pain and then died.

It was quick, but still left my heart racing.

What the hell was that thing? I stared at it for a few moments then decided to get my shoes and leave.

I quickly looked for some comfortable hiking boots that were my size, I chose black ones and slipped them on. They were the comfortable and fitted my size perfectly. Not to mention they didn't look too bad.

I stepped over the corpse of the creature and then headed for the entrance of the department store.

When I stepped outside I was glad to be in open air. That encounter with that thing inside the store nearly gave me a heart attack.

While I was pondering about this, I heard shouting in the distance. It sounded like a fight or some kind of argument.

I think I should go check on what was wrong.

End of Entry #3

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

finding this kind of loot in the first town woulld be a godsend(i know this is a story made by you, not a game story, but really, you could have made it more realistic)
the best i ever found was a 40-50 percent yukon

God damn, died from a traumatic brain injury again.Better start a new- i mean go to an alternate universe

Entry #4 - Cabin in the Woods

Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to check out the commotion.

I crept to the direction of the shouting, dodging debris and overgrown plant life and slinking in and out of shadows and moving as quickly but quietly as possible.

It wasn't long until I saw and heard the rest of the heated argument. Both of the two men were yelling out at each other, faces red with rage and mouths spewing out angry words and saliva.



The other man snapped.

It came in almost in an instant, he swung his crude machete and it connected with the other man's head, making a loud crack and the skull split in two. Blood ejected out from the open head wound, chunks of brain and other fleshy matter rained onto the pavement. The blood and chunks of flesh and bone landed with a splat, the body toppled over with it in a heavy thud.

After the attacker caught his balance, I simply stood up straight, pulled most of the gear he could carry off the other man, and left without a single glance. Like it was nothing. Like it was just killing a fly, not a care in the world.

I stood there horrified... How could someone do something like that and not care?

I tried to calm myself, it was hard witnessing what has just happened... But I gathered myself up and checked the body for additional gear that the man left behind.

It was hard, and I gagged a couple times, but I tried to resist vomiting over the gore and putrid smell the man had.

I took the man's bandolier. It didn't have any ammo, but I decided to take it anyway, as it might serve useful. I took his knee and elbow pads, they fit well, and I was happy to have an extra layer of defense, thinking about this almost made me forget I am taking from a corpse of a man who was brutally murdered right in front of me.

I searched the small backpack, and came up with a few snack cakes, 6 bottles of unopened water, a small saucepan, a 32 ounce bottle full of blackberries, and a worn multi-tool. I took a look at the food and water I had and realized how hungry I was. I quickly took the blackberries and stuffed handfuls into my mouth. I took A couple bootles of water and drank it all. I instantly felt invigorated when I fed and watered myself.

I stood up realizing that the berries might be poisonous... I thought about throwing up, but I figured that what was done is done. I pressed on cursing myself on the potential stupid mistake on eating unidentified berries.

I pressed on, out of the city and headed to the cryo facility, it seemed like a reliable place to stay, not to mention the forest behind the facility may have some places that I can look around in, like some logger's cabin.


I finally made it to the hill where I first stood over to recon the area.

I turned around and saw the ruins of the large town that I left behind.

I faced forward and pressed on past the facility. I wanted the check the woods out before dusk.

An hour of wandering later, I located numbers water sources, potential food sources, and landmarks to find my way home.

Just as I was about to head back, I stumbled across a small cabin. I couldn't believe my eyes, I blinked twice to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.

I immediately went up to the door and knocked - No one answered.

I checked the door. Locked. Windows were locked and boarded.

I decided if it was this secure, no-one would've come and taken whatever was inside and that it must hold some useful supplies if it was locked this tight.

I kicked the door down with all that was left in me, it didn't budge. The hike through the woods took a lot out of me, and I can see that my strength was diminishing as I needed some sleep.

I used my shoulder and rammed into the door to try and get the thing open. The door cracked a bit, but the lock still firmly held everything in place.

I decided to then take my makeshift knife, wedge it in the lock, and break the lock to get inside.

I wedged the thin blade into the crack in the door, and levered the door open. The lock gave in and I was free to enter, my knife on the other hand was split into two. I took the remaining scrap of it and pocketed for later use, never know what I could use it for...

I was greeted with a large amount of useful and much needed supplies.

The air was slightly musty, but the faint smell of pine and forest radiated from outside into the cabin, freshening the ancient air.

It was a little dark. I flicked my flashlight on and lit a couple of candles with a few lighters scattered around. I switched my flashlight off afterwards to conserve the battery.

I scanned the small cabin and found a chainsaw in the corner, I lifted it up and tried to start the engine. Nothing.

A small amount gas, and the engine was beaten up as it didn't rev up. I pulled an empty whisky bottle from the shelf and bottled the remaining amount of gasoline and secured the lid. Never know when I might need it.

I took of the chains off the chainsaw too, it looked like it could saw something if needed be, so I bunched it up and put it in a thick cloth wrapping and stuffed it in my bag.

I looked through the closet and found a leather jacket. It wasn't too old and was in good shape and looked relatively sturdy for it's simple look. I put it on, and it fit well. I put my elbow pads back on and felt ready for what was next.

I rummaged through the clothes some more and found some green cargo pants and a nylon belt. I discarded my cheap belt I scavenged from the store for the nice study belt I had just found. I took off the tight jeans with some instant relief to my waist, and slipped on the cargo pants. The waist fit nicely, and I put the nylon belt on to secure it even more. The length of the pants were slightly longer but it was fine when I slipped my boots and knee pads back on.

Looking through the bedside drawers, I found an Army survival manual, it was quite thick as it was more of a book than a manual. I quickly put it in my bag for later, I know I could need this.

Besides the book was some kind of survival knife in a sheath. Inside the sheath was a whetstone. I took it. It replaced my knife I used earlier to get in here.

Underneath the bed was a small sleeping bag and a long coil of rope. I made room for both.

A bunch of small plastic lighters that I mentioned earlier were scattered around the cabin, I managed to find 4 in total.

Having almost picked the cabin clean, I found one last item. A wood axe propped up against the wall. I lifted it up and gave it a few practice swings. The blade was worn, but it still looked like it could defend me if need be.

I stepped outside. Delighted with all the gear I had just got, I left the cabin to go to the cryo facility

End of Entry #4

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Entry 2... How could you tell the time-was he a magical merlin or something
or did he stumble across a watch
or did he count every second leading to the event...
Nevertheless a sweet read!

Think of it as some kind of guess.

If you walk for a while (Say a few blocks down the street) the time feels like it's been going for like an hour and you feel like you've been moving real slow. But in reality you go into some kinda autopilot mode and get to your destination in 20-30 minutes.

You can just say he was walking in a less amount of time that he really was, and was giving some kind of estimate.

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

A new entries made every week!

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Entry #5 - Hero

I made it to the cryo facility, It was the same as I last left it, I did a perimeter check and scouted the area a little more to make sure nobody was around.

I stepped inside. The broken window and it's glass... Combined with the strong wind that blew through it gave off the sound of a wailing ghost.

Dust and cobwebs were everywhere. Noticing this gave an uneasy feeling. I've been here for a long time. So have these other people.

It felt a little out of place... Looking at unconscious and possibly deceased people floating in their cryo tubes...

I wiped the sweat off my forehead and tried not to think about it too much. I didn't even look at them. Hey, outta sight outta mind right?

Finished looking around the room, I headed for the examination room. I flicked on my flashlight to check if anything was there.


Well, looks like it's time to set up camp.

I dropped my gear, which included my backpack and other items. When I took them off, I felt much better, all the weight was tiring to carry around.

I took off my jacket, gloves, knee and elbow pads, and long sleeve shirt to cool off. Not that much sweat, but I thank that to the cold. After a few minutes, I put my gloves and long sleeve shirt back on. No need for the jacket, it'll be pretty hot when I barricade the place as best I could.

I wanted to barricade the window, it should be easy enough, as I saw a toppled over examination table. It was heavy, but I dragged it anyway.

I propped it up against the window. The constant "Wooo" noise has lessened, which is a great relief.

I'm pretty sure it's hard to get in with that table blocking the window, though the same could be said for getting out.

I stumbled off into the room and set my sleeping bag in a corner where I could watch the door. I kept my axe and my flashlight nearby.

I took off my boots and then went into my sleeping bag. It was nice and comfortable.

I rummaged through my bag and pulled out my survival manual and snack cakes I read through the thing while taking bites from my snack cake. Something told me I wouldn't have that many chances to relax like this.


I woke up, with my book in hand. I read myself to sleep. It was quite dreamless. I mean, I simply went to sleep accidentally and woke up. It felt like minutes but hours passed. I was refreshed though.

I collected a lot of knowledge, from the book. It taught me how to make animal traps, simple shelters, Basic to advanced first aid, and even create a fire with my bare hands and cook things thoroughly.

Thankfully, I found out that almost all aggregate berries were safe to eat, and all I ate were harmless blackberries.

I was damn lucky to have this book.

I got up and stretched out. After I was done, I thought about eating my snack-cake but I decided to save it for later.

I got my boots and gloves on, then I slipped my knee and elbow pads on. Then my leather jacket.

I packed my sleeping bag and book. I slung my backpack on and grabbed my axe. I then walked toward the broken glass and moved the table out of the way.

I stepped outside. It was morning, The sun was rising, giving out a hazy blue light. The air was fresh, crisp, and clean. The air in the cryo facility was a little heavy compared to outside.

I wanted to try out my newly acquired knowledge on wilderness survival. I headed into the forest to test my abilities.

I looked for a few berry bushes, I found one with blackberries in them, I picked as many ripe ones as my 32 oz bottle could hold for later.

I then tested out a figure 4 deadfall trap. It took a while to make, but I managed to set it up, and I baited it with a bit of cream from my blinkie.

I ate the rest on the way to find a water source. Quite a bit away was a large lake. I looked up in the sky, the sun was in the middle of the sky. Lots of trees too.

A few minutes of walking rewarded me with a decently-sized river. I bottled water upstream. It was clear but I didn't want to drink it just yet. I wanted to boil it first to kill and parasites or bacteria that might be living here.

I went back and checked on my deadfall trap. The trap was triggered and I lifted it to see what got caught.

It was a squirrel.

I picked up the thing and set it on the flat rock and skinned it.

I picked up a couple of dry, medium-sized sticks and got to work on the dry sticks. I piled them on-top of each other, and put a large amount of twigs on top of it. I stuck a stick in the middle and started making a friction fire.

It took a while, but I finally managed to get an ember, I blew on it to get it going and the small ember roared to life when the twigs and bark finally caught on fire.

It was time-consuming and I would use lighters in the future and only use this method when there was no other choice.

I used a spare stick and skewered the bits of meat and stuck in in the ground for it to cook.

I placed my saucepan on the fire and dumped my water into it for boiling.

The meat was done cooking and I ate it. It was pretty good.

I cut a small branch off a sapling and chewed on one end to brush my teeth. The manual said that I could use this to clean my teeth if nothing was available. Tasted like I was eating grass, but my teeth felt a little cleaner.

By the time I was done I spat out the remaining bits of fibers from the stick and bottled my water.

I finished boiling all six of my bottles of water. I drank one bottle and smothered the fire.

It was good considering, I got up and looked for a high-point where I could scout out for more areas towns or cities to loot.

I found a hill and climbed it. I saw the cryo facility behind me, and I saw a promising looking town in the distance.

I went down and headed back to the cryo facility until I heard yet another commotion. I seem to be a magnet for these damn things... I shuddered thinking about my last encounter with one man killing another...

I still came closer to investigate further. I saw three men yelling and pushing around this young woman.
Her feminine figure showed through her clothing.
She was wearing tight black jeans, black shoes, a black hoodie, and black gloves. Her head was covered with the jacket's hood and her face was covered with a black bandanna. She wore a medium-sized olive backpack with a flap on the top.

The three men were pushing around and trying to beat down on this woman, but she kept dodging and rolling out of the way

I snuck in closer using trees as cover and eavesdropped on the yelling.


"AH GOT 'ER!" - another man said

A man grabbed her in a bear-hug fashion. She struggled but he tossed her on the ground, knocking the wind out of her. She tried to get up but they knocked her over and held her down.

"NOW GIVE ME BACK OUR SUPPLIES!" - The man grabbed the backpack and threw it onto the ground, one man held her down, the other picked up the backpack, the last who threw the backpack was yelling.


The other two men howled and laughed.

She didn't say a word but was kicking and struggling.

I wasn't going to stand by and watch. I was going to do something.

"AGH, YOU BITCH!" - She stabbed one man in the leg

I found that this was my chance, I charged in, Axe in the air.

By the time one even had time to scream I smashed my axe into his face. Blood and gore spattered on me and the two assailants.

"OH SHIT!" one of the two remaining bandits said.

I recovered quickly smashed the blunt part of my axe head into the chest of the bandit. He coughed blood and fell on the ground.

By the time I was about to swing my axe for the third time, the last bandit punched me and knocked me flat on my back.

I was on the ground, my vision spun for a moment but came to focus when I saw the man's boot right in front of my face. He was about to bring it down on me when I grabbed his foot and pushed it back in an angle.

While he was stumbling back, someone else pulled him in and threw him onto the ground. I got up and saw the girl. She punched him in the face with her left hand, knocking teeth out, then a few seconds later she stabbed him in the heart.

I walked over and offered a hand.

"You alright?" - I asked.

She took the hand and pulled herself up. She dusted herself off and sighed.

She looked at me. Her bright blue eyes glowed against the sunlight. She gave a quick assuring nod. Not even a word.

She then strided over to her bag and picked it up, slinging it over her shoulders.

She turned back at me and gave one last look. Then bolted off and disappeared in the forest.


She didn't even turn to look back. Disappointed, I searched through the items of the bandits. A magnesium firestarter, a medkit with medical supplies, food, more lighters, a smartphone, binoculars, and other bits of equipment was present. Except for the holy grail of all of them.

Night vision goggles.

It was in great condition, and it worked too. I slipped all the items I gathered and headed back at the facility. I got to save a life and get some more items for my survival. Not to mention I ridded the world of three bandits.

Though on my walk back to the facility, I felt uneasy... as if something was watching me.

End of Entry #5

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

It's a really good story, but everything seems so convent. He kills a man easily, but seems shocked by what he's done. He scavenges a looted department store and finds a backpack, flashlight, and a ton of supplies. He finds a locked house, jimmies the door with his knife, which breaks, and then finds a replacement knife and a complete survival guide inside. And by the way, it is not that easy to just read a book and start a friction fire. I realize this sounds harsh, and it's a good story, except it's 5 entries in and we have a fully decked out survivalist who just saved a chick by killing 2 guys when earlier in the story he was squeamish.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.

I wanted to carry out the story to make it really long, but I really am too lazy to do it. And with the entries coming in every week I make it up as I write.

At least I didn't say that he knew everything (Trapping, melee, blah blah) from the start.

Department stores are pretty big, even if they're classified as "Small".

Plus, He only found clothes, a backpack, a knife off a dead guy, and a flashlight. That isn't much. I WAS however thinking about him finding a fireaxe but thought it was stupid to find a fireaxe in the middle of a store 70-something years later AFTER the apocalypse.

You get real lucky sometimes in-game right? And for the fire I did mention that it took a while. Just some time and effort is all that is needed, and maybe make sure that sweat doesn't drip off your nose and kill the fire. (It happens!)

I know I may have sounded harsh, I apologize, but I really do appreciate your critique.

For the other things, they will come into clarity and will make sense next week.

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Entry #6 - Questions

I navigated the forest as fast as I could, I swerved my head around to check if I was being followed. Something wasn't right.

The chirping of the birds and the vibrant ambient noises of the forest was calming, but it still didn't remove the uneasiness that was surrounding me.


I reached the cryo facility, I stepped through the glass window and quickly blocked the door. I checked the facility to make sure nobody was in it and set up camp. I checked the window one last time.

After checking the window, I put down my sleeping bag and gear.

I sat down, I needed a rest but there was still things bogging my mind...

Why where those guys carrying all this gear? Why where they chasing this girl? And why the hell do they have Night vision goggles?

Now that I think about it, the bandits were all wearing some sort of vest with a large, red A on the back. Some kind of gang or something? But if they are, why were they following, and attacking this woman?

I decided to pass the time, and get these thoughts out of my head, I opened my book and settled in my sleeping bag.

I read through the survival manual.


The light was dwindling, and I closed my book. Short but eventful day.

I felt uneasy about sleeping, so I kept my weapon and flashlight close.

I went to sleep.

I saw flashes and scenes of starved people, hacking each other with crude bladed weapons and cannibalizing the slain.
The background scene was a fiery landscape, a forest burning. The sky was red, with black clouds. It was raining blood.

One of them looked at me. I couldn't move. It turned it's head, I saw it's bald head and bony body. It slowly turned in my direction. It held a rusty meat cleaver in one hand and a severed head in another, it held it by the hair.

It gave a psychotic smile, it's yellow teeth stained in blood, it's eyes... The whites were black, and the iris was glowing red. The pupil, catlike.

It spoke in an ominous, demonic tone.

"We will be meeting you soon."


I instantly woke up. My body shot upright. My heart was racing, and I was sweating.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead.

It was early morning, I could see the soft, hazy blue light that real early mornings have.

It was mildly comforting, it made me forget for a second that I had just taken a trip through hell, only to awake in another.

I sat up and warmed up my muscles, stretching them out and patting down my hair. I packed my gear away and took inventory of what I had...

Old wood axe, Backpack, Handful of lighters, survival manual, saucepan, magnesium firestarter, sleeping bag, broken scraps of metal, flashlight, worn multi-tool, survival knife, chainsaw chain, clothes, food, water, small bits of assorted nuts, bolts, and string in a small pouch, long coil of rope, whiskey bottle with a small amount of gasoline in it, Medkit with a few bandages, a bottle of painkillers with 6 pills, and a small bottle of rubbing alcohol (only about 40% of the alcohol is left), smartphone (it won't turn on, no power left in it), binoculars, night vision goggles (small percentage of the battery is left).

Hmm. I had a lot of equipment. Don't know what a pocket full of metal scraps is going to do me, but I'll take it just in case.

I spent some time examining other bits of gear, drinking a water bottle while i'm at it. I decided to pack up my gear and start my morning.

I unblocked the cryo facility door and stepped outside. I breathed in the fresh, crisp air. It was invigorating, I walked into the forest.

I started with cleaning my teeth with pine branches, I experimented with chewing them into bristles then making them into some kind of small spearpoint and scraping my teeth and gums. After this, my mouth felt cleaner, a bit sore, but cleaner.

I started a fire with my lighters. Making a friction fire is difficult and annoying as sweat kept dripping off my nose and extinguished the fire when I got an ember.

I gathered water, boiled it, bottled most of it, then drank the remaining water in the pan. I ate berries to satisfy my morning hunger.

I wanted to try some spear fishing, I took a sizable branch from a tree and sharpened one end. It was quite difficult as the fish kept swimming away last-minute. I eventually got lucky and managed to spear one. I quickly put it on a flat rock and gutted the fish to take the insides out. I set it on top of what was left of the fire and fed the fire some wood to make the cooking go faster.

It was a nice meal, a little burnt, but a lot better than what I have been eating in the past few days.

I smothered the fire and continued to walk to the hill where I had seen the girl earlier. I remember that before I encountered the three bandits and the woman, I saw a promising looking town in the distance. I wanted to explore it today, so I headed off to the hill, once I located it I would walk towards the town and look for anything useful.


I finally reached the town, it was a little eerie, I saw houses and small two-story apartments rowed about and the remains of a high school campus.

I decided to check out one of the apartments and school buildings to double my chances of finding something.
I entered through an outdoor metal walkway.

I was inside, and it was very eerie. I turned back to see the entrance where I came from...

Spoiler: Highlight to view

I suddenly came to a stop when a sudden noise caught my full attention.

"thump, thump, CRASH, Thump, Thump, thump, thump"

The last footstep was on another building. Someone or something was running across the roof. It was a bit worrisome but since it seemed like it was going away from me, I guess I won't have a big chance on meeting with whatever was on the roof, but I'll keep my guard up anyway.


I walked the halls and checked through cabinets and lockers to no avail. If I could find something like a janitors key I could open locked doors. Or create locked ones to make a temporary safe-spot.

I looked through one of the classrooms and found a blackened skeleton with a white-yellowish stained lab coat, and khaki pants with dress shoes. There bloodstains on the lab coat and floor, the torso area of the corpse had a large, claw-like slash, having cuts on the t-shirt and dried blood around it. The ancient corpse had a tape recorder in it's right hand.

I grabbed it and hit play.

A man was talking in a weak voice.

"If you are listening to this... You may find this recording on my dead body. But that isn't important. I was part of a team of scientists trying to preserve our world in case of a major disaster, like what is happening now... Take this recording and take it to the Gyges Cryo Facility... It's southeast of this point... Tell them that subjects three and five are the ones with the highest probability of surviving the hibernation."

There was a long pause.

And... Rebecca... I'm sorry I couldn't raise Amy with you... I want you and her in my arms... I miss you... I... love... you.."


I finally finished checking through the building. I emerged through the double doors and into the glare of the sun. I gripped the recording tightly in my hand. I didn't know what to say about this...

I continued to the apartment buildings. It's best if I check there, maybe some useful things I can pick out. I quickly walked off to the nearest two story apartment building I saw.


I reached the entrance and looked around the apartment building ground floor. Some doors were wide open, I checked inside. Completely ransacked.

I heard a crack and a shift a second later. I focused my hearing and heard movement again. It was in the apartment just ahead of me. I slowly move toward it not to make a noise. I peeked my head in and saw someone looting around the place, looking through cabinets and drawers.

I slowly stepped away until I stepped in a large pile of broken glass and it make a loud crunch.

I quickly looked down and cursed my luck, I jolted my head up to check if the looter was still there. Gone. Wasn't there.

Where did that looter go? It was here just a second ag-


I tried to turn my head in direction of the noise but then something struck my head and I was on the ground. My head was filled with a sudden and sharp pain. My vision was blurring in and out and all I could hear was a loud whirring noise. I felt myself being turned around and I saw some kind of knife with metal encasing the fingers. The attacker was about to bring it down on me but stopped. The attacker's eyes widened and it then faded to black.


I woke up on a couch. My head was still hurting, and I was disoriented for a moment. I made a groaning noise because of the pain.

"You up?"

Wait. Was that a voice?

"Sorry. I hit you pretty hard."

I sat up and turned my head in the direction of the voice.

"I never really got to thank you. It was a heated moment."

My vision cleared and I saw someone familiar.

It was the woman I saved.

End of Entry #6

Sorry for this late one! Enjoy it anyway!

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

These story bits are awesome, you should right your own book. (Let me just say that there aren't very many really good apocalypse books, or stories, but this definitely reaches high in my view)


Entry #7 - Lucky Seven

"You were out for a few minutes." She said in a serious tone. "Generally those who don't wake up after around 5 minutes usually end up dead. I was worried I would've accidentally killed the guy who saved my ass in that tough spot." "You're lucky."

I gave out a sigh and stared at her and gave a nod. I was a little too groggy to do much else.

"I see, I know you want to rest but I think it's best if you stay away. In case you fall asleep and don't wake up, y'know?"

"Mmhmm." Was all I managed to say. It was difficult trying to concentrate on listening to her and stop that vertigo.

"Well." - She gets up from her metal chair and strides toward me, tapping my cheek with the back of her hand to keep me awake.

"Do you remember when you were born? What year is it? Do you remember anything?" She said while dragging her chair and sitting closer to me.

"No. I don't know where I was born or what year it is or anything of that sort." I said in a husky quiet reply, it was as much as I could manage.

"Oh shit, fuck! I hit you that hard, and-" She was visibly stressed.

"No, no, no." I said trying to explain.

"I, ah, was in some kind of cryogenic tube, hibernating for who knows how long." I said, explaining my condition.

"So how does that relate to this?" She asked, confused.

"I apparently was "asleep" for so long I-" I winced, A painful headache hit me.

She was about to get up when it passed. I shifted motioned her to sit back down.

"Lost all memory on my past before this." I ended with a gravelly whisper.

"That clears things up a bit." She paused, she furrowed her brow while looking down, trying to absorb all this and I assume figure a plan out.

"Can you walk?" She asked, offering a hand to get me up.

"I don't know, Vertigo is real bad though."

She withdrew her hand with a nod. "I'll let you rest then. I'll go search the rest of this apartment. Here's your bag." She laid the bag on the edge of the couch. "I'll be back, Promise."

I eased up a bit and looked through my bag. Everything was there.I pulled my knife out and examined it. Feeling the metal and putting it on my head. it cooled my head and brought some relief to my headache.

I heard her rummaging through the cabinets, her footsteps where almost non-existent.

I gave out a heavy sigh and laid back. The headache was slowly creeping away and I was becoming a little more alert.


I heard her giving a disappointed sigh as she walked into the room I was in.

"Nothing, unless you count this clump of string." She tossed the small handful of string on a table.

"You ready to leave?" She asked, offering a hand up.

I took it and dragged myself to my feet.

"You're pretty tall. I just noticed that." She said, staring at me.

I moved over to my bag. I slipped my bag on and slung my rope over my shoulder, I stretched myself a bit to warm myself up.

She gathered up her things and handed me my axe, I used it to lean on while I waited for her.

When she was done we both walked down the hallway, out into the open air. It was comforting.

"Hey, I didn't get your name." She said, patting my shoulder to get my attention.

"William." I replied.

"Selena." She gave a smirk. Her eyes shined a bright blue in the sun.

"Have any ideas on where to search next?" She asked, snapping me out of my trance.

"My campsite. I can show you where I woke up." I replied.

"Fair enough. Lead the way." She said as she stared out into the distance.

I turned away and moved forward.

End of entry #7
It was a difficult one, this entry, but i'm glad to finally be back!

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.


Oh, hi almost complete stranger, let me take you to the place I sleep.

Good entry though.


Haha, yeah, i'd be funny if it was that but lemme humorously abridge this:

Shaw was just checking out an apartment building where coincidentally Selena was looting at.

Selena beats that crap outta Shaw, only to realize that He's the guy that saved her ass sometime back.

He wakes up, dizzied only to find the woman he saved a while ago breathing on his face. She says how grateful she is for him to help her out of the blue, as it says that he isn't a total douche to everyone he meets.

He explains his amnesia after his time as a human popsicle waking up as a semi-vegetable.

They become buds and for some reason Shaw's completely chill about the knockout thing.

He gets up and Selena remarks on how tall he is. He gives her the cold shoulder and gets his equipment. (Probably remembers the knockout thing)

They walk out of the building and Shaw stares at Selena's eyes like he's never seen the color blue before. He breaks out of this because he finds out how awkward he made himself feel.

He then suggests to go back on the place where he was frozen, and then let go.

Welp, I abridged it in my sorta smart-ass humor. Enjoyed it?

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Yeah, it's a good story.

But I think Shaw is a bit crazy, you know, his mad dreams.

It would be funny if Selena was the demon-thingy, I didn't spoil the series, did I?


"Thou art stupid if thou allows stranger in thy home"



It will eventually be explained soon. Just tune in!

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

these are amazing keep up the good work

Entry #8 - Haunted

I walked through the rubble and debris that plagued the streets, through the cold day even when the sun was high and clear.

I looked over and noticed a building with a large red cross, I remembered it as a sign for medicine. Seems like my memories are starting to come back slowly.

I asked Selena if she checked it.

"No point in checking it, I already did, and came up empty handed. Most of the clinics or hospitals are already raided thoroughly nowadays. Hell, even the animal hospitals are cleaned out of medical supplies."

As we walked past the clinic, what she just said didn't stop me from looking at the inside to see what it looked like. Ruined is a word for it.

We continued on through the urban landscape, eventually leading to the outskirts of the town then to the hill where I first saw Selena.

"This is where you helped me." She remarks.

"Yeah, I heard you fighting those guys and came to help." I replied. "But... Where are the bodies?"

"Bad muthas. A gang of cannibals, most likely a few found and ate them."

I was a little nervous when I heard this. It reminded me too much of the dream I had recently.


Daylight was running out, but we finally reached the facility.

We carefully slipped inside and checked for any inhabitants. Nothing, just as how I left it. I blocked the door and continued to the examination room while Selena was looking at the tubes.

"I was in pod 3." I said, walking into the room.

I made myself comfortable, setting down my sleeping bag and removing my jacket, gloves, shoes, knee/elbow pads, bandolier, and backpack in my usual spot.

Selena came in afterwards and set down her own sleeping mat, on the other side of the room. While she was getting ready for the night I started to drift off into sleep myself.


I find myself walking through a hospital corridor, a long one with large windows to the right, projecting a soft midnight light while the left contained numerous rooms for patients.

The hallway was adorned with vegetation seeping through the windows, faded and aged walls and ceilings, broken glass crunched beneath my feet as I walked forward.

I passed one room, door wide open, I saw a woman sitting on a rocking chair cradling a baby in her arms, humming a sweet tune to comfort the baby into sleep. She turned her head to face me; she was gorgeous. She gave a loving smile and whispered gently.

"William." She ended with a small smile. I stood there, frozen in place. Bones became as solid as stone.

A gentle white mist moved in and covered her view. It cleared and I saw her, with a little boy in her lap.
"Mommy, where's Daddy?" He asked her. She broke into tears and held the boy tightly.

The mist came in again and cleared just as before.

The woman was much older, and so was the boy.

"Mom, where did Dad go? Why did he leave us?"

"I don't know sweetheart." She said with a forlorn look.

"What happened, for real. Did he leave us because he found out that you had me?"

"No sweetheart. He loved us both very much... He just disappeared one day, and no one was able to find him." She ended with a sigh wiping a tear from her eye.

The mist came in and I was presented with a different setting.

The woman was now in a hospital bed, much older. Her son clutching her hand sobbing while she was asleep in the bed.

"Please don't leave me Mom, you're all I have, please don't go."

The machine displaying her heart rate suddenly stopped, a loud whirring noise emanated from it, the hospital door shutting immediately afterward.


I continued forward through the hall but before I reached the second door a crow swooped from the window and landed on the window edge, It turned it's heard and whispered.


It then quickly flew into the second room.

I walked to the door and saw a corpse strapped to a chair. It was wearing a black dress shirt, with it's sleeves rolled up, revealing festering cuts and dark bruises from the tight straps. The corpse also wore black slacks and dress shoes.

The crow circled the corpse, landed on it's shoulder, then spoke again.


The corpse's heard tilted up and I saw a maniacal grin with rows of razor-sharp teeth. His eyes were blackened sockets, but most shockingly, I saw that it was me.

"Suf...Fer...Ing..." The Demon-me said, making a emotionless face, black abyssal eyes staring into my own soul.

"Suff...Ering" It said, slowly moving and struggling against the bonds.

"SUFFERING!" The demonic voice screamed, making my blood run cold. It's head was shaking so fast that it blurred, body rattling and moving with the same speed trying to get free of the bonds.

It all of a sudden it stopped. It stared at me. A striking glare, his eyes burned with the fury of the damned.


His voice boomed throughout the room. Within moments he is engulfed in black and blood red flames, screaming in agony then ending in piles of ash in different spots of the chair

The crow spoke again, perched on the chair.


I was then pushed back by an unknown force, it launched me into the air, through the door and out the window, the door slamming shut when I was several feet away.

I fell out the window, several stories high landing on my back. I survived the event and got up, unharmed. I looked up into the sky. A massive blood red moon covered it, making black silhouettes of the dead trees, and on the ground, mist covering the neglected entrance of the haunted hospital.

Then something unexpected happened. I heard a alluring voice, singing beautifully, calling me away from the demented world around me.

I followed the source, and was lead to a large glade with her in the middle, singing out into the hellish night.
The woman was tall and graceful, with midnight black hair, ivory skin, and a strikingly beautiful appearance. She was gently moving about singing with a flowing black dress. Her eyes shined bright blue in contrast to the red around me.

She spotted me and gave a gentle smile and gently beckoned me to her. When I reached her she came in and brought me close. She leaned in toward my face with a sweet little smile and tried to kiss me.

At the last moment I saw a shiny glint in on her lip, and before I could react she bit my neck and I was paralyzed

Her fangs sunk deep and as I watched helplessly as the monster did whatever it was doing. When it was done, it wore a wicked grin and took it's hand, armed with razor-sharp fingernails, straightened them out, and plunged it deep into my chest.

I coughed and spewed out blood. She withdrew her hand from my chest. Her face then softened, she caressed my hair and face, trying to comfort me as I died.


I gasped taking in crisp lungfuls of cool air, Selena was shaking me.

"Will, wake up, it's only a dream."

I opened my eyes wider and saw the bright blue eyes piercing the darkness.

"You okay, you were moaning and-"

I immediately recoiled pushing her away from me hard, she shrieked in surprise. I sat straight up and pointed her.

"Your eyes! Why are they like that?!" I quickly asked, my body trembling.

"They're not real... I damaged my real ones in an accident, these... are implants." She said uncomfortably.

I eased up at this, I realized that I was acting according to the irrational fear I had after my nightmare.

"Sorry. I-it was the dream. I-" I stammered

"It's fine, you freaked me out when you started moaning and whispering "Misery" over and over again."

I didn't reply all, I did was lay back down.

She looked at me with a worrisome look, but then she did the same and fell asleep.

However, it wasn't that easy for me.

End of entry #8

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Sounds like he has a big problem to deal with, that or he needs some sleeping pills.
Good story ( I think I'll tell it to little kids as a bed time story :| )


Well, these dreams are based on dreams that I have.

My nightmares be messed up, yo.

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Ever have a dream of being a flashlight? I have, I think being a flashlight would be painful.


Best NEO story ever ! :D Cant wait for another entry

Sorry guys I've been inactive. I've been busy with some personal issues, Expect a new (Long) entry soon!

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Entry #9 - Madness

I looked around. It was dark, almost completely so save for the moon that shined brilliantly against the night. The sounds that came beyond the walls of the facility. Noises such as the crickets and the frogs, the pitter-patter of the soft midnight rain, and the gentle cooing of the wind all served a peaceful image to my presence.

However, a monster was gently waiting for me to succumb to the depths of my slumber. Only to take me when my wits are elsewhere.

It seems I have a problem, one I must fix quickly. I have an idea, however. I find my bag and quickly draw out my knife.

I admire the craftsmanship. A beautiful tool, and weapon; it's absolutely perfect! The way how it glitters it's beauty to take life.

I gently crawl over to my target, absolutely stunning! She looks gorgeous! However, I cannot let my guard down yet!

I crawl on top of her, pinning her arms beneath my knees, she won't move an inch, no matter how she plays it.

"Will, what the hell are you doing?!" She screamed, obviously she knew I didn't fall for her tricks.

"Hush, dear. I'll take mercy on a monster like you. I'm sure you wouldn't have done the same however." I replied, i'm not a monster after all, so i'll make her ending quick.

I carefully inched the blade near her eye. Beautiful. It shone a stunning blue in the darkness.

"Don't do it, why are you doing this? I thought you were different!!" She hastily spat out, she was crying at this, tears pouring down her face. She struggled, I wasn't going to let her go.

I dug in my knife and popped the eye out. She screamed in pain, shaking violently under me.

I quickly tore the eye out, holding it in my hand, examining it.

"Ah... Gorgeous... Now, for the other one." I said, ready for the next one.

"Please, don't, I beg of you!" She pleaded, She closed her left eye to stop the ocular fluid and blood from leaking.

As I aimed for the next one, she shook her head trying to get away from the blade of my knife. I quickly pinned her head in with one of my hands and opened her eye with two fingers.

Time for the messy part. I dug the tip of the knife slowly in, she screamed as I slowly popped it out. When it was out however, I wasted no time yanking it from it's owner.

Now that it was done, she can't fight back, can't see, and is now not a threat. But as one safe measure...

"Goodbye, love." I said as I slowly slit her throat. Her screams became nothing but garbled gurgling. I took the blood and took a quick taste. A wondrous flavor.

All done! It's finished. I grabbed both eyes, giving Selena a quick peck on the forehead. I crawled over to my sleeping bag, I lifted the two eyeballs above my face, they still glowed, giving out a faint blue light. I put them both in my hands and put kept them near. Finally peaceful, I slept soundly.


I woke up, my eyes shot open, and I found myself in the facility exam room.

I looked to Selena, She was up, putting her jacket on.

I sat up, exhaling deeply. It wasn't real, thankfully.

"Hey, lets get packed up and go to the river and forage for some food and wash up." Selena said, packing her things."

I gave her a nod and stretched out my arms. I got up and got dressed to go to the river.


The trip to the river was uneventful, We picked a few berries here and there using my book as a guide. I cleaned my teeth using a chewing stick I made, Selena did the same but with a toothbrush she had stowed away.

I bathed in the river while Selena checked a small lodge nearby. When I was finished, it was almost midday, Selena came back shortly after.

"Done? The lodges didn't have much, I found a tarp and a few clean rags. Some fishing line too, but no hooks." She said filling her water bottle up.

"Alright. Do you have any ideas on where to look next? Any places of interest?" I said while slipping my jacket on.

"Hmm... I did see something strange a week ago when I was alone. It almost looked like a city block was barricaded. A pocket of civilization maybe?"

"I don't like the sound of it. Who knows, it might be a bandit fortress." I said skeptically.

"Only one way to find out. Maybe if you see the place yourself you wouldn't be too worried." She said, walking off.

I sighed and followed her.


We finally reached the vantage point, a couple hours later. We were on a tall ruined building spying on the place.

It looked like a small fortified town. Tall apartment buildings housed the people who lived there. Some make-shift builidings were here and there used for street peddlers or something. People were going in and out of the subway station entrance.

Guards armed with makeshift weapons like spears, pipes and bows. Some were even clad in massive metal plates and held large weapons. Riflemen were perched on make-shift watch towers.

People were going in and out of some kind of check point.

"Almost like a well-built shanty town." She remarked.

I have some serious doubts about this. But people are coming in and out. Maybe this place could serve as someplace to trade items?


We reached the entrance. The line was small, so this wouldn't take too long.

It looked like people were scanning people at the entrance. For what really? An admission slip or something?

The guards wore gas-masks, gloves, and protective clothing. - This peaked my suspicion.

The handheld device chirped and someone was allowed to enter. However, two people down from that man the device gave a loud screeching noise and everyone sprung into action.

The people who were closest to the individual were dragged off to be scanned by separate guards. The man tried to push through anyway and the guards restrained him.

"WE GOT A LIVE ONE!" A guard shouted beneath his mask.

In about three seconds the man was dragged of, killed, and dragged off into a pit to be burned.

A new guard came in to scan people, it was our turn.

"New faces eh? Hope you liked the show." The guard said in a joking manner.

"What the hell WAS that?" I said while he scanned me.

"Ah, just your regular carrier. More and more people are getting infected with the blue rot every day." The guard said, turning to Selena.

"Blue rot? What is that exactly?" I asked.

"You haven't heard of it? Damn, you must have had your head stuck up your ass if ya didn't know what it was." The guard paused for a moment, scanning Selena. "Some kinda lung disease, almost always fatal. Super contagious." He continued.

"Now hurry up and go inside, you're clogging the damn line." He said pointing past the checkpoint.


We were in the middle of everything. People everywhere doing... People stuff. Normal people stuff.

"It's so strange isn't it?" I said.

"Yeah, with all the crazy shit, this is... Strange. It's normal, almost." She replied.

I looked around and noticed that people were wearing face masks. Obvious reasons.

"You noticed they're wearing face masks?" I quickly said.

"Yeah, I think you should do the same. Not to take any chances." She replied re-adjusting her mask.

I pulled out a large clean rag and tied it around my mouth and nose.

"Hey" Selena said tapping my shoulder. "Let's see what that place has to offer." She pointed at a building with a painted sign. As I got closer I saw what it said. "Uncle Bill's Badass Bar"

We entered and was greeted with what I think you'd see in a normal establishment.

Me and Selena took a seat. I propped my elbows on the bar. A muscular man with a beard approached and greeted himself with a hearty smile.

"Name's Bill. What can I get ya for?"

Selena made an order. I ordered a drink off the menu.

"I'm new here. I just want to know the rules and some directions." I said, Removing my facemask.

"A newbie eh? Well, there's not much to tell about the rules... Don't start shit, like stealing or fightin'... If the peacekeepers don't take care of you, the people will." Bill Paused for a second. Selena carefully listening.

"Like the other day there was some bastard who was harassin' this girl. Next thing you know two guys came put and beat the shit outta him and the Keepers had to throw him over to the Ash pit." He finished with a sigh.

Don't Start anything. Got it. As for the Ash pit, I think I have an idea on what that is.

"Directions however, is easy. You got small district's marked around here. You're in the main district right now. To the right you got the guard district, and to the left you got the homestead district. The market district is under us, in the subway."

He handed me a map. "There's a map to not get lost." He paused. "Oh and one more thing 'fore you go..."

"You notice there aren't many people around here right? They say the blue rot's has been killin' a lot of people lately. So watch yourselves."

I nodded as he moved to tend to another customer. Me and Selena looked over the map. The place seemed to be constructed like a large "T" With the outer edges blocked off with large walls (As depicted in the map).

I flipped the map over to see the back. It was blank except for one thing. It had "MADNESS" written in large letters across the page.

That's one word to describe the day...

End of Entry #9

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Great... a madman in a new city, filled with people he doesn't know.
Oh, and the guards burn people.

This is gonna lead to something terrible (or hilarious).


Entry #10 - Breathing

My thoughts turned to something... Unrelated.

I put the map in a safe, accessible spot in my jacket pocket. Then called Bill.

I asked him where the bathroom was, he pointed to a room with a wooden plaque that says "Shitter"

Selena gave a smile when she saw the sign. When I got up to use it, Bill told me to pour water down the toilet to flush, and that some toilet paper would be in each stall.

I walked over and used the toilets.


They weren't extremely clean, but it was better than squatting in a hole in the forest. I didn't have any toilet paper, but when I thought I was done for, I found a small roll under my toilet.

I sat down back in my seat, flicking the water off my hands after I cleaned them. I sighed but was interrupted by a commotion.

"Hey, move! I gotta use the shitter!" A man frantically yelled, pushing people to make it to the bathroom.

I laughed at the sight. When Selena asked, I simply said that the way he was acting was amusing. However, it was really because I used the last roll of toilet paper.


We said our goodbyes to Bill. He told us where we could stay. Selena has cash to pay for our stay. I doubt it'll be permanent, as we could get mugged and killed. Or on a more positive side we could pick a job and leave.

We walked to a nearby motel. It looked like it was rebuilt, large chunks of the walls are off-color from the concrete patching. Looked study enough.

We walked in and walked up to the front desk.

A the man tapping on the table idly instantly said "20 per person, per week." He paused and gave us a glance. "Two of you. 50 in cash." He looked at us again and gave a smirk "Should I give the lovers special?" He gave a quiet chuckle.

Selena gave a annoyed sigh and handed him 40 dollars. I turned away to sneak in some suppressed laughter.


We reached our rooms. Two keys given to each of us. I threw my bag down and removed some of my heavy clothing, setting it on a metal chair.

I flopped down on the bed and dozed off. The sun was low and the sky was full of warm colors...


I opened my eyes to see myself in the middle of an endless body of water. I was sitting in an ornate chair with the still waters in all directions.

Suddenly, a mirror rose up from the water and reflected my image. Selena was standing behind me, hands on my shoulders. She gave a smile and a nod.

With that nod, I woke up.


It was early morning when I finished getting ready for the day. Selena was up before me, left a note saying she'll be back in 15 minutes.

It was only about 30 seconds before I heard footsteps and a rattling of the key and doorknob.

Selena swung open the door and stepped inside. She told me that she explored around the area a bit, and wanted me to accompany her to the market district.

I got ready and walked out the door with her. With a quick closing of the door, we locked it and headed on.


I went down the steps and was greeted by a colossal amount of activity. Shop vendors, showing off their wares, customers, beggars, guards, I even could see people cooking food in nearby fires and warming themselves from the cold, underground air.

My stomach growled at the scent of the meat that was cooking nearby.

"Haha. You hungry?" Selena teased. "Same here. I'll order some food."

She did just that. I browsed the inventory of the other stalls.

She gave me a paper food tray full of meat and shredded vegetables. She gave out a sigh.

"We're almost out of cash. I'm afraid we're probably going to have to move on out of here."

Just as she said that a man screamed "GRAB HIM!"

A short man sprinted away and towards me. In a split-second decision, I decided to stop him. I stepped in front of him and grabbed him as he ran into me and threw him into the side.

The pursuers caught up a few moments. A large man grabbed the one on the floor and beat him. Grabbing a small bundle of cash clutched in the thief's hand.

I felt a small pang of guilt, I should have let him go.

Or maybe I made the right choice.

The bulky man turned to me and sighed.

"Thanks stranger." He said in a slight accent.

Two more people caught up to him and stopped behind him.

One breathed steadily, the other was raspy and had a slight wheeze.

He looked at me for moment. Examining me for a second.

"You look pretty capable." The large man continued. He turned around and gave a shrug to the two people behind him. Both of them nodded.

"You need some work?" He asked.

"Both of us need it." Selena quickly said.

"I can do with both of you." He replied.

"Alright then It's settled. Two days from now, meet at the square. Make sure you're packed up. I'll explain the job then." He explained.

"Oh and, here's a bit of cash for that help." He added. He handed me half the cash that was in the bundle.

With that, he walked off.

And so did we.


It was the end of the long and eventful day. I lay on the bed thinking about the job he talked about.

What was the job?, How long's the journey? Where will it take us?

So many questions. But I knew they would be answered in two days.


I opened my eyes to see myself in the middle of an endless body of water. The mirror was still in front of me, and Selena behind me.

The waves started to churn and get rough. It sprayed across the mirror and me. Selena's long black dress and hair fluttered in the wind.

Her warm smile turned into a depressing frown. A split second later she dropped into the water and so did the mirror, I fell in next.

I saw Selena with a horrified face, sinking deep into the water. Panicked bubbles sprayed from her mouth, she extended her arm and I tried to grab it.

I... I was...

Too far. Too low. Can't grab her. Can't breathe.

Her face... Expressionless. Drowned. She's gone... The deep dark water swallowed her whole...


I woke up immediately. My chest burned and was heavy, I could barely breathe. I gasped hard for breath, coughing furiously.

When I was finally able to breathe, Selena was behind me, patting my back hard.

"You alright?" She said in concern

"Yeah. I'm fine. All good now..."


The past couple days went by in a minute. We met up with the trio we met at the subway in the square.

We got introduced to the Three. The large man was named Tim. He always wore a winter hat and had a dark, thick beard.

Kat was the second person. She was a blonde woman in black and white military fatigues and a black hood. She had a medium scar running down her left cheekbone right below the eye.

The last was Wolf. He had black, shaggy hair and wore a thick and long black trench coat. He barely talked and had a constant grim expression on his face. When he breathes, he has a constant wheeze.

They were Hired guns and transporters.

"Your job is to help us deliver the goods to the DMC. A long ways to the southeast." Tim explained.

The question was bugging me... "What are we transporting?" I finally asked.

"Since you're with us..." He trailed off.

"Guess there's no harm." He said.

He rummaged through his pack and pulled out a thick, metal container with "YPC, 020.6" spray painted in yellow.

"It's a container of high importance. We found it at an abandoned mental institute."

Wolf groaned uncomfortably at this and shuttered.

"Costed us a lot of people to get, but now we're going back to the DMC to collect." Tim added.

"We need to get some supplies for the journey first." He finished.


We got some supplies for a good week. I traded my backpack (And parted with a bit of cash too) for a new one in the marketplace. It was slightly worn, but it was bigger, and more sturdy looking.

When we were done, Tim mentioned they needed to get something before they headed out.

They came back with a small girl clutching onto Kat's arm. She gently brings her in close to her.

She had brown hair and eyes. I couldn't judge the age. Maybe twelve?

"Found her when she was being transported by members Alvin's Butchers. Couldn't leave her." Tim said with a sigh.

"I hope we can find a good life for her in the DMC." He said.


We stepped out the gates, and I felt a sudden feeling where I could breathe again.

For once i'm not out of breath.

End of Entry #10

(Sorry for this real late one. I had to progress a story that wouldn't sound completely stupid. Thanks for waiting. Until next time.)

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Nice, you should see if you can join the Cat and crew RP, always fun to have more people, although it may have to be approved by Nemo(Cat).
Just saying that you should consider it.


Totally. I've been reading your stuff for a while TW and I really like it. Should you consider joining the RP, shoot a PM my way and we'll discuss details.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

And considering the current point in the RP, there are a couple ways to have him get started.
EG: stumbles upon our encampment while we are talking, and has a few essential items.


i know this my be 3 years to late but never the less keep writing! your stories are great and probably the best i've read on this site!

Surprised my story is still here. I have the 11th entry, but who knows. I may finish it or not.

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Hey there Twisted World, welcome back! It's been a very long while...

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)