NEO Scavenger in the Humble Open Source Bundle!

Hey Folks!

Good news! NEO Scavenger's just become available in the Humble Weekly Bundle: Celebrating Open Source!

If you've been waiting on buying NEO Scavenger, your time has arrived! You can now get a copy of NEO Scavenger by purchasing the Humble Weekly Bundle: Celebrating Open Source!

What? Is NEO Scavenger NEO Scavenger Open Source Now?

No! (Sorry.)

However, I did use several open source tools to make it, as have several other developers. We thought it would be cool to try and give back to the open source communities that helped us by making a Humble Bundle that donates back to those tools!

So what are the open source tools? The open-source programming language Haxe is strongly represented: three of the charities include the Haxe Foundation itself, OpenFL (recently featured on /r/gamedev), and FlashDevelop, the most popular open-source Haxe/ActionScript IDE. The fourth is Ren'Py, the Phython-based visual novel engine used in award-winning games like Long Live the Queen and Analogue: A Hate Story.

In particular, NEO Scavenger was developed using the FlashDevelop IDE, along with Haxe and OpenFL for creating editing tools. And what's more, I am fairly certain future games by Blue Bottle Games will be built on these technologies. So this is not only a way to say "thanks," but also an investment in our future!

What Are the Games?

If you make a minimum payment, you will receive:

And for those who pay $6 or more:

7 of the 8 games are cross-platform across Mac/Win/Linux, and all are DRM-Free.

So c'mon over to Humble Weekly Bundle: Celebrating Open Source and pick up a bundle. Play some awesome games by some awesome devs, and support some awesome open source tools while you're at it!


Linkshandigen's picture

I bought the bundle earlier today and really enjoy the game, and would like to know how updates will work and eventually the full game. I didn't pay for the steam copy, and I was wondering if there was an option for people who bought the humble bundle to update the game?

tindrli's picture

hi to all. i just saw on steam that game got update to 0.995 in 28.10.2014. i bought a game in humblebuntle a while ago and if i re download and start it its 0.9942b from 14.10.2014. i wonder how to update my game??

sorry for bad english and thanx in advance

dcfedor's picture

Hey Linkshandigen,

Yep, you should still get updates. I hooked up the Humble folks with an account where they could download the new versions, and they grabbed 0.985 yesterday. So if you go to their site, you should get the latest.

I'll ping them as new builds become available, too.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

ra1's picture

How do we know when a new release is made available? It isn't at all clear on the Humble Bundle website.
Are we supposed to follow your News page? I'd like to see a page on your site that lists the current version (and date released) with the latest added/changed features. Thanks.