Bombs. The quick solution to creature groups.

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Bombs. The quick solution to creature groups.

I'm talking about your everyday improvised grenade. This kind of crafting would require Mechanic or a new trait that would suit explosives crafting nicely. I'm aware that Fedor fixed the melonhead horde, but they can still call in their friends. Say you have little ammo, you remember that getting close to them is a death sentence. Do you want to run? I've tried this. I'm sure many of us have. They can track you down pretty easily. There are other instances that can be used with these items. There seems to be a lot of new events being added. Fedor could create some events that require a little kick start.

Anyway, we've got bows, melee weapons, electronics, and even body armor. I'd like to ask Mister Fedor to put this idea under consideration. Or when NS is completed and he starts work on NS2 like he's hinted at. One more thing, I'm not going to reinforce my idea with actual facts. Making bombs is illegal, but not impossible. I'd prefer it if you guys did your own research on you're so curious.

So, yeah. Thoughts, anyone?


I'm your friendly neighborhood nutcase. My spear be pointy, my stew be odd. Ask the trader guy near the DMC, I sell him meat on a regular basis.

$800 worth of Ammo (maybe just shot shells, maybe every kind of ammo?) + tin can + Mechanic + screws.
That would work as a basic grenade, you could reuse the soup can image and just draw a line on it for a fuse.
I think having to light it before use would be too much hassle..

This is a brilliant idea. I would also suggest other items than just bullets could be used to make explosives. Aluminum and Iron Oxide seem like items easily found in the wasteland. that and a simple file and you can make thermite. Can + Aluminum Powder + Rust Powder + Fuse [made from hide and something else] makes an 'improvised thermite grenade.' good for single heavy armor enemies, if you get a good hit.
Other easily made options include possible poison grenades using bleach [an item which should dedinitely be in the game] and another ingredient that would be effectively free, urine. causes chemical burns out to a certain distance from explosion, and stuns and distracts enemies, basically, you piss in a half full bleach bottle, put on the cap, shake vigorously and throw, it bursts shortly after impact, creating a cloud of chlorine gas.
Also, as mentioned above, the gunpowder grenade is a good, if expensive option for a frag/concussion grenade.
Many other options exist, requiring only the materials needed by added to the game.
Also, all of these should have the possibility of backfire, the player ending up hurting themselves by accident when trying to use in combat, especially if lacking the requisite skill.