Saving Games + Image Glitches

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Saving Games + Image Glitches

Hi, I'm relatively new to this game and I have been having some issues with saving. This is in the Beta mode rather than Demo.My O/S is Win 7 64-bit, I've tried this game on Firefox, Chrome, all of these being the latest versions along with Java and Flash. I have AdBlockPlus and NoScript but both are turned off.What happens is that I can save the game on the first turn but it seems that after the initial save, it tells me "Error: Unable to save game". If I close the browser and reopen and try to play again, I can't load the save game. Now, I know that this may be due to either me preventing both browsers from storing cookies and history but I wanted to clarify exactly how the game is saved. Does it create a saved state on your computer itself or is it a cookie based save file?Strangely enough, IE9 allows the saving to work properly and also load after closing the browser.  I've got cookies allowed and history set for a few days so maybe that makes a difference?----The other issue is with the inventory when you're picking up stuff. Sometimes, and this usually happens several turns in, the images for what's on the ground and what you're wearing will shift from where they're supposed to be. Re-entering the area doesn't seem to help. I've only tried this on FF and Chrome and am now checking with IE but was hoping that someone may have insight on this.Thanks in advance.


Hey Awesomnius!The game saves data in a Flash SharedObject (a.k.a. "flash cookies"), which is a data file that actually should be independent of browsers. Flash stores all it's sharedobject data in a special folder, which is described here: The weird thing is, I *think* Flash doesn't distinguish between browsers, so I'm not sure why it would work in one browser and not the other. Flash stores data based on the url it came from, not the browser. If you go to the SharedObject folder described in the link above, do you see any files when you save a game in FF or Chrome? (You may have to remove/delete the old save game there before testing.) If so, is the file size non-zero?The error message you quote is what the game says if it is able to "bind" to the SharedObject, but unable to save any data to it. So it kinda sounds like there may be a 0-byte file there when it fails.Another thing to check is whether your Flash settings are prohibiting SharedObjects. This might include prohibiting certain urls from storing data, or limiting the amount of data allowed. NEO Scavenger requests permission for up to 100kB of space, and might fail if it cannot get permission. Normally, the plugin will show you a pop-up dialog asking for permission, but I think it's possible to check a box that says "Never ask again" which might hide it permanently. To see this info, usually you can just right-click in the game someplace to get a context menu. Otherwise, you can access Flash settings as described here: Let me know if any of the above helps, or if it reveals any new info.For your second issue, can you provide some examples? Do you mean the items are outside the bounds of the container? Or overlapping each other? And do they get that way as a result of clicking? Or some other trigger? There could be a bug, I'm just wondering what to look for.Thanks for the info!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games