New weapons

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New weapons

32. special revolver
More rifles and pistols
Baseball Bat
Splitting axe
Pool Cue
Kitchen knife
Brass knuckles
Crude sword(crafted)
Crude knife(crafted)
this game would be even better if there were more weapons


No need for so many melee weapons when they all perform, for the most part, the exact same purpose as the other ones listed with them. Maybe a spiked mace to cause both extreme blunt trauma and penetration wounding; But we don't need 30 melee weapons that all do the same exact thing in a slightly different way. Each new gun needs more coding, and thus ENTIRE encounters, scavenging locations, NPC's, and more have to be scripted to use, carry, or give the gun/ammo. I can understand the AK47 and M16 (Would probably best be replaced by an AR15, military equipment is incredibly hard to get unless it is Eastern European, Chinese, or another type of surplus), as we don't have any sort of proper assault rifle currently. Desert Eagle is an incredibly rare and expensive gun, so I don't see how you would find that in the post-apocalypse unless you got VERY lucky. We already have a revolver in a caliber similar to 32. Dan wants to add more weapons, so whether or not stuff like this is added depends on which weapons he wants and when.

I agree with Original poster, especially since most of these are either fundamentally different than current improvised weapons. Or can easily serve a second purpose somewhere else in the game, I think these items would be excellent to add to the game, especially if they are given unique combat stats, and secondary uses in the game, such as the shovel allowing you to dig, axes allowing gathering logs to build more permanent shelters in-game, etc.

Also, just because something is rare or hard to find IRL does not mean they might not be more common in real life. Further, the item does not need to necessarily be a D. Eagle, just a .50 cal pistol.

Maybe the military-grade weapons can be looted off DMC guards.

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