What do you think of the hiding skill?

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What do you think of the hiding skill?

Right now I am on the fence as to whether or not it is good. I like to be able to see how well hidden my camp is, but hiding on the overworld map does not seem to do much. what is your opinion on the hiding skill?

That skill was very useful when the game was earlier in development, and the way that creatures spawns worked was different (they showed up when the player failed a Sneak test while scavenging). Right now, while it is still somewhat useful, it in not nearly as necessary as before.

Don't cry however, as Dan said he will revisit it again, if time permits of course, and see if it can be updated.

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Means of changing Camp concealment stat would be great.
I expect to add recipes for camouflage or something.
like the camo kit in Jagged Alliance 2.

Yeah, Hiding is a system I hope to have time to revisit. You're right that map hiding is a bit unreliable, and sneaking in battle is almost useless (except sneak exit). There's a cluster of related issues that might be tackling all at once.

Changing camp concealment via camo is something that makes a lot of sense, but there are technical obstacles. I go into the details here:


Mind you, if I can find a way, I agree that it would be cool!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Making some recipes for some camouflage items.

Camouflage items have different name, but same effect.

In forest, we could mimic a tree with branches.In plain, we could hide ourselves under grasses(?).
Camouflage items could be crafted by items appropriate hex provide.
Just combing Hiding skill and resource item(such like tree) is simple.
But, Some type of hex don't have any resource item.Hmm...

Camouflage items can't be moved.Camouflage items stick in the hex where the camouflage item was born.
This prevents camouflage items from working in inappropriate hex.

There would need to be a catch in the code so that certain camouflage shelters only impact their native hex, but it seems logical, especially for natural environments.

Forest Camo Shelter: Tarp Shelter + Branches
Plains Camo Shelter: Tarp Shelter + Long Grasses (presuming that all plains hexes are overgrown, since no one is mowing any lawns)

Urban stealth seems to be more a matter of finding a good hiding place than camouflaging it, though there are still actions one could conceivably take to obfuscate an urban campsite. Perhaps a craftable item that creates "Urban Hiding Place" or similar? For example, hiding in the duct work of an office building while you sleep.

Would it be feasible where, instead of Hiding skill enabling the Concealment bar on campsites, the bar is always active and the Hiding skill grants a bonus to Concealment?

Or alternatively, perhaps the recipes for creating camouflage could be an item you can Use. When used, "You spend some time creating a well-hidden campsite." This would give a permanent bonus to the Concealment of whatever hex you used the environment-appropriate item on. If it wasn't compatible (Plains Camouflage used on Urban hex), you could get a message, "That form of camouflage will not provide concealment here."

This would require that a Concealment Bonus variable be stored to each individual hex. (If this variable is greater than 0, and camouflage is used, return the message, "This area already has a concealed campsite." That way you're not just maxing out the Concealment bar by repeating the action.)

The only hiccup is in instances where there is more than one campsite on a hex. Not sure how that would be handled unless you Used the camouflage in the campsite it was to give a bonus in. If you tried to use it from your inventory or non-camp ground, it would return, "You should establish which campsite you'd like to conceal first." This would require that an item know what kind of inventory it is currently placed within, and that campsite inventories are marked in a way that differentiates them from ground and personal inventory.

Hmm. Thinking out loud, I guess. Hope it's helpful, though.

Idk about you guys but sneaking is amazing for me, I always watch the "Cover" tab and generally hunt at night which makes it very hard for anyone to spot me. It feels like the better the "Cover" option (For dodging ranged attacks) the harder it is for them to find me, I can't tell you how many DMC Guards I've gunned down because they can't find me while I'm using my compound bow :D. Ty sir but no sniper support for you