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Spam Image Filter

I spent quite some time messing about in GIMP illustrating suggestions, but annoyingly I keep getting blocked by the system when I attempt to post them, it's a tad annoying. I've seen others post similarly, but would like to reiterate that I two am having issues with this. I've tried posting it with and without the BBcodes, is this just me?

The problems with Spam Filter seems to happen sometimes. But don't worry, Dan usually manages to sort that out sooner or later :D

Anyway, I don't know if the blocking happens due to the hosting site you're using or what, but I am always using, and not once was my link blocked. You can try it if you like, I am curious if it'll work for you.

TestTest (simply an [IMG] link):

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Hmm still seems not to be working, will try again in a week or so, even using the copied url of the image you provided

IMAGE( link ) just doesn't seem to want to work, i think it seems to want to shut me off as soon as it reads a url

Yeah Mollom spam filters are definitely overly restrictive. Dan has been having some discussions with them to try to get things sorted in regards to that.

The people who can post links and images and such are people who purchased the game from this site, so they get a customer status that gives them more freedom in that regard. Unfortunately you don't get that benefit if you purchased the game from elsewhere. If you've already purchased NEO from somewhere else you could send a message to Dan to see about getting the customer flag or if you'd rather you could message me (here or on Steam) the image links you wanted to include and I can edit them into a post of yours.

Hmm o'righty, that explains things a bit better. Cheers for the offer to edit my posts, I'll see about being acknowledged as a customer though, as I have the thing on steam.

Hey SuperCaffeineDude,

I was going to switch on your spam filter bypass, but it looks like you recently became a customer. (Thanks, by the way! Very generous of you!) Has your filter experience improved since?

Mollom actually wrote to me yesterday:

Hi Dan,

I am going to ask to a colleague if what your users are seeing is what I think. I'll let you know our findings.

This was following a discussion where I showed examples of both img/url blockage and regular BBC markup blockage. Fingers crossed!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Apologies for the delayed response forgot to check this post afterwards, the images now post as they should. And not at all I got the game pretty cheap and had a lot of hours invested prior so I didn't really think twice. Love the game man, and hope the issues with the standard accounts are resolved.