Doubly Crippled

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Doubly Crippled

Our intrepid hero got away from the Cryo tube after visiting Zom Zom's and surviving halfway between cryo and the sprawl he decided to sleep in a thickly wooded section. He was wakened by a DMC guard whom he said 'Hi' to Immediately after a Bad mutha appeared at one distance with a monkey wrench!

He struck our hero and crippled both his arms breaking one. Dropping his sled he ran for it! Arms flailing in the wind. But our courageous protagonist would not be cowed in the face of such adversity he rearranged his goods leaving the most important ones in his backpack!

He then played rope-a-dope with the savage mutha who in his frustration launched himself repeatedly at our hero and fell multiple times, all the while receiving multiple kicks from Phillip.

The Mutha died and our protagonist fled the scene where two other fools where tracking him. Having one arm unbroken he eventually fixed his other one and made it to the sprawl.

In other words... I got incredibly lucky.

This story is hilarious.

Especially how you put it.

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.