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How do you heal yourself exactly? I always get myself the medic perk but I never now how to use the the nano thing. And not to mention that rest / healing seems to be the slowest thing ever. Is there any way to speed up the healing with antibiotics or the nano thingy. 

You consume it like food. It doesn't heal you straight away but it speeds up your recovery. If I'm badly injured I hydrate, feed, light a fire and Rest and Heal.

Are you sure because every time I try to consume it, it just drops on the ground and if consume there it goes in my bag. (bug?)

I believe the antibiotics are not for healing wounds, they're for when you're poisoned.

The nanorobotic healing kit works like Seanbeag describes: using the yellow consume cursor on it (hotkey 3) consumes one charge from the kit, granting you an improved healing rate for a while.Did you have the yellow "consume" cursor active when clicking on it? It's also possible the kit was empty, which would lead to the behavior you describe (e.g. the game sees it can't be used, so it assumes you meant to move the item instead). You can see if the kit has charges either in the tooltip for it when you roll over, or by placing the kit in a hand to see the contents.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Consume the kit? I've been trying to consume the nanos in the kit. LOL, well now I know.

Ah, that explains it. Yeah, you're meant to consume the kit, not just the charges. The kit has all the necessary equipment for administering and controlling the nanobots, the charges/refills are just suspensions with a dosage of the nanobots. They don't work without the kit to coordinate them.This, by the way, comes from my expert knowledge of futuristic medical technologies ;)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games