Body Temperature and UI

After some discussion on the forums about body temperature, I decided to make some changes to the way overheating and other temperature changes work. Some really good points and suggestions came from the discussion, and I think they'll help players better understand what's going on in-game.

First of all, there is now a new overheating condition called "sweating," which is the first stage of overheating. Instead of jumping straight into "heat exhaustion," the player will see that they have begun sweating. Sweating will actively slow down overheating, but also drains thirst faster.

I also changed the heat exhaustion and heat stroke temperature ranges to be a big higher, to better reflect reality. Overall, these two changes should give players a bit more warning when overheating, like one would have in real life. Hopefully, this reduces the number of cases of people "suddenly bursting into flames" as some players put it :)

I also changed the shivering condition to give a slight boost to the comfortable temperature range, as shivering is a way for the body to combat a cold environment. Shivering will also now apply a small fatigue penalty.

Sleeping and resting will give a penalty to the comfortable temperature range, to better reflect the body's drop in heat production when inactive. The assumption here is that the player is always active unless sleeping or resting.

In addition to those changes, I continued work on UI updates. 1024 mode is still in progress. However, while working on the crafting page for 1024, I decided to address the orange arrow buttons nobody seems to notice :)

Instead of tiny, blurry, orange buttons on top of the crafting yield, we will now have this:

IMAGE( Arrows everywhere!

First of all, the arrows are much more recognizable than the old, small, blurry arrows. These are easily twice the size of the old ones, with clear, red triangles.

Also, I moved them next to the Confirm/Clear button. I'm thinking this will be more obvious, as players will be looking there anyway. It also puts all the clicky things in a tight area, for easier use.

I'm going to see if this new button style might make sense elsewhere, too. Hopefully, new users will no longer wonder why their crafting yield isn't what they wanted!


matsy's picture

What do the arrows do?

dcfedor's picture

The arrows switch between possible crafting outputs. So if you add ingredients that can make more than one thing, the arrows let you choose which of those things to craft.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Warhand101's picture

Are you going to make the same sort of change to the crafting inventory and known recipes page?

dcfedor's picture

I think so. They use the same images, so it already happened by accident :)

However, I need to find space for them, as they won't fit in the old spot up by the tabs. There's plenty of space on the right side of the quick recipes/inventory area, but it's more vertical in shape. I'll probably end up stacking them, vertically, where the sort button currently lives, and just push sort down a bit.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games