A Belt Slot

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A Belt Slot

Like what it says in the title I think their should be a belt slot, that above the pants slot. If you do add the belt slot I had ideas for the slot,
1.a holster for a pistol or (if you add this) a machete holster
2.you know the little pouch you get from the guy with Indian mask type thing maybe you can put on the belt slot
3.a utility belt, with a holster if you add when you craft it, this item should be really rare to find

A holster needs 1 small animal pelt and like 3 string
The utility belt needs 3 small animal pelts, 4 string, 4 medium string, 8 parts (the parts for lock picks, I forgot the name) the mechanical skill, 1 animal hide.

the reason the utility belt is so hard to craft is because, it hold more inventory space, and hold 1 pistol. (6x6 for the inventory slot)

I have more but this is enough for now.

I do think this idea will be kind of unsuspected for most people.


Makes sense. Even without new containers, one should be able to simply secure some items by hanging them over the pants' belt. Though some sort of pouches - be it just small cloth bags or those fancy military ones would be nice (after all, DMC guards shouldn't just keep their spare ammo in pockets), if time allows nad effort required warrants.

This actually sounds like a very logical function for the game. Considering guns have shoulder straps, having a belt would be very useful, and not at all overpowered. This is a very good idea. Hope it gets implemented.



This is a great idea! If this is added, and if the game is supposed to be realistic, then they should try to also add clothes sizes and based on your traits and skills to determine yours, so you could also need a belt to keep your pants up. It could also be used as a weak, but a very intimidating weapon if someone strong is wielding it. A like from me for sure, and I wish this gets added.