Multiple, mostly item-related suggestions

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Multiple, mostly item-related suggestions

A lot of these have probably already been said, so I'll just dump as many here as possible.

-Ability to use tarp to catch rain water, which is always clean except for maybe a certain area having contaminated/acid rain?

-Maybe an electronic water purifying "Wand", that uses electrical charge instead of a pill?

-Maybe water filters that are very rare, highly valued, but degrade over time? Would also allow a way to drink chemically contaminated water, maybe depending on grade of filter (Lower grade filter only removes bacteria, high grade one removes bacteria and chemical contamination).


-Armor would definitely be a cool addition, maybe starting from leather armor and going up to the combat armor that DMC guards wear.

-Definitely some more weapons, things like maces or spiked clubs/bats, maybe some unarmed weapons like spiked/brass knuckles. (And a boxing glove, what is manlier than beating your enemy to death with something made to make punches less dangerous?)

-More shelters than just the tarp lean-to. A wooden lean-to that can't be moved and can be set alight if a fire is nearby. Some actual tents would be cool, no point in making more than one since you only need one-person capacity.

-I saw someone post about how it would be cool to have high-tech or powerful things for a player to work towards (Was an apartment in the DMC that this person was talking about). Maybe something similar to the stillsuits from Dune (It basically recollects water that you either sweat out or that comes out as waste, making you need VERY little extra water in the desert) or power armor (Every game with an apocalyptic event and future tech needs power armor). Both would be VERY expensive to fit with the theme of them being things you have to work towards, power armor especially. Power armor would be more combat-focused while the stillsuit would be more survival focused. If power armor is too...powerful, than maybe just an exoskeleton, with or without armor.

-As an extension of the thing above, maybe less powerful mid-tier things that give advantages to various skills? Ghillie suit for hiding, a targeting assistance implant (Basically an eye implant that points out vitals, like a less advanced smartlink from Shadowrun) for ranged and melee combat, stuff like that.

-Electric chainsaw as a weapon, nuff' said.

I'd say that's about it, I would go on more but I really had to think a lot for some of these ideas and I want to go back to my videos.

The Armor Concept has Already been Added in to the game!
Patch Work hide Tunic can Provide some Armor and Also a DogMan Coat can Provide Armor!

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maybe medium and high quality items like arrows, splints, bows, and melee weapons. instead of just rough and crude.

Water collection would be dope.

making bullets out of a campfire and screws would be cool.

You can already find/buy better versions of some of the items you've mentioned:
- besides the crude arrows PC can find the pre-fall, professional broad-head arrows
- besides the self-made greenwood bow, it is possible to find the Compound and native-made bows
- among other, improvised, melee weapons one can get a (rather devastatingly effective) native-made war club
Those items however, as one might expect, are harder to find and not possible to obtain via crafting.

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Not to be a dick; but boxing gloves are actually designed to make it possible to repeatedly punch someone in the head without breaking your knuckles. They do make punches slightly less dangerous though.

That's what I meant, they make punches less dangerous for BOTH people.

I dont think a leen too would be all that fun. The game as it is focuses more on a nomadic life style, which I find to be the most fun. Any sort of permeant settlement will make people want more permeant items leading to either a lot of unfulfilled expectations or the game becoming to thinly spread. Unarmed combat, on the other hand, leads to an intresting thing. insdead of killing someone, you capture them to use as a hostage or sell to the more degenerate survivors.

We already have a water purifier, you can use the digital water tester to identify water as clean or infected, it doesn't sterilize the water but it tells you which water is safe to drink, so it's almost as good (if you have lots of electricity, its even better because you don't need to stop to light a fire)