Problems/Bugs after latest patch

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Problems/Bugs after latest patch

1:          Containers now seem to be a little off after the change. Firstly I can now store things like piles of screws and wires in the antibiotics bottles which are much smaller, I'm no sure if this was intended or not but it doesn't make sense to me. Also more importantly I can no longer put rifle rounds into a rifle. I've tried clicking the rounds onto the rifle, equiping the rifle and putting them into the slot, nothing seems to work. Guess this is a result from the containers patch aswell. 2:          I think the recent patch ruined crafting, unless I am being silly and missed something I can no longer access items in my inventory for crafting, only items on the floor and the abilities. I find this very frustrating and much prefered the old system. I very seldom needed to use one of my skills and once I had done it once the recipie list would get it for me. Now everytime I want to craft something I have to drop all the components first. Not sure if this is intended but it's not good.

Yes, crafting has become more annoying, you have to drop your item to the ground (i.e. lighter for the fire) to be able to use it in a recipe...
Another glitch I seem to be having is i CAN'T PICK UP A DISPOSABLE BAG to put INTO another bag that I'm using for storage. I can only EQUIP a bag and If im already using 3 of them: as a backpack and in both hands I, can no longer pick up a rolled up one to take with me for the future.

Hm, I was worried the crafting might be still too clunky. I may have to switch that back. I'll just have to think of other ways to free up space on the already busy player inventory screen.The containers will likely need smoothing out over time too. I totally forgot about the plastic bag. I was mainly thinking about backpacks within backpacks, or soup cans within soup cans, but the plastic bag is sort of an exception. I'll see what I can do.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Funny thing happening.On mouse rollover i'm getting glimpses of recipe and newspaper text content in udiscovered (black) hexes. Photos included.