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I thought we could add hunting techniques that could be added into the game here.

mine would be able to hunt birds with a arrow. there are also actual bird hunting arrow were it is easy to craft.
As well as you know bird would give you small meat but maybe vultures and the weird flying things you see when first entering a town?

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

Adding more 'game' to be hunted - rats, some birds - was considered in the past by Dcfedor and if there will be time, we may see those animals either as NPC/mob that can be killed or profits from trapping. Putting in stuff beside such, including any other ways of hunting, I find to be a thing unlike to happen, though there was some repeated suggestion/strong push at least for fishing (if you can call it a hunting technique) so maybe we'll see some development in that direction as well, but no promises were or can be given at this time.

My main desire would be for rat and birds to be added, and would be very happy with this being done in the "simplest" way possible: the same way you hunt/trap squirrels.

1) Allow us to scavenge/set snares in urban hexes and we can catch RATS (basically just graphically different squirrels) that can be skinned and eaten (gives small pelts and small meat). Maybe make them more likely to make you sick compared to squirrels if you really wanted more than a cosmetic difference, but I'd be cool with just urban-hex squirrel recolours (meaning all Dan would need to really do is make a new dead rat item graphic).

2) Allow us to scavenge/set snares in most hex types to (rarely) catch BIRDS! Again, I'm cool with these just being basically the same as squirrels except that they don't give pelts, just small meat. All this would need is a new dead bird item graphic.

3) Allow us to scavenge water hexes with a fishing rod to catch FISH! No need IMO for anything more complex than this to get the often-requested "fishing" aspect in the game; just like the existing snare item, a fishing rod could be chosen in the "scavenge with" option with a chance to find a fish. This one's the most work for Dan, since it means needing a new item graphic for a fish, a graphic for a fishing rod, and a new recipe to craft said rod, but I think fishing is a much-missed survival aspect in the game right now, and would be worth the extra time to add, even simply like this.

If Dan wanted to allow actual 'hunting' of these animals (with a bow or gun, for example), it could be done by adding those weapons to the "scavenge with" options the way snares appear now. But again, I'd be happy with just trapping those tasty rats and birds! Chasing a deer around the map is epic fun, but I don't mind if such experiences are specific to that animal alone, or saved for only bigger game animals that might be added later. IMO, the smaller critters mentioned above are more in keeping with the tone of NeoScavenger anyway, and more important to be added than (say) hunting big animals.

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