Sleeping bags and back-carry tweak suggestions

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Sleeping bags and back-carry tweak suggestions

I like the two different sleeping bag options, with the compact one being much rarer. However, it would be nice (and realistic) if we could use crafting to combine medium threads (x2?) with the large sleeping bag to make "sleeping bag with straps", allowing it to be carried in the 'backpack' slot in place of a pack.

Actually, realism-wise, there are two things that kinda bug me about that backpack slot:

1) It feels "wrong" that you can equip plastic bags in the backpack slot. I just can't believably see any way to wear a plastic bag on your back without attaching some threads at least! I hate to suggest making things harder for the early-game, but I think plastic bags should be removed from this slot. Perhaps sometime in the future, instead let us craft a makeshift backpack out of a tarp or rags and some thread? I recall there was some cool fan-contributed art on here ages ago that included a "hobo pole" (cloth pouch tied to a stick)!

2) Would it be possible to someday allow sleeping bags and/or tarps to be attached to the outside of a backpack as is often done in real life? Just a thought for the future!

Finally, I'd love to see a third choice of sleeping gear for those of us who've "gone native": a crude but warm blanket made from animal pelts (squirrels, dogmen, etc) similar to the hide tunic.

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More than once IRL, if the plastic bag was big and it's 'handles' long enough, I could put my arm through them to effectively - even if quite uncomfortably - wear the bag on my shoulder or on my bent arm, keeping my hands free. While it may be a bit of a stretch in case of the bags in the game, it's not a very long one and it's - in my personal opinion - a bit of a good balancing factor for relatively small, feeble containers plastic bags are in the early game.

Other than that, however, I'd gladly see some ability to actually attach sleeping bag to a backpack instead of being forced to put it in, though I don't think that option should extend to crude, stiff fur blankets (though the idea of such is interesting on it's own) which should be rather unfitting for easy packing.

it's been sugested a few times that there be a way to strap sleeping bags onto the underside of a backpack

most camping backpacks have a place for a rolled up sleeping bag.

That said, I think there should be two backpacks... the kind you just have for like school and stuff... and the camping one, with the schoolish one being the more common to find

Is it sad that when I first started playing the game and saw that you could equip the plastic bags as backpacks (and thought "WTF?!") I actually went and tried it IRL with a bunch of old plastic bags to see if I was right or wrong? Maybe it's different here in Australia, but the kind we have here definitely don't work carried that way; the handles are never long/big enough on a normal plastic disposable grocery bag, and even if they were, everything would falls out unless you taped the bag shut too. I'd genuinely like to see what bags this could be done with, as it would be very useful in a real emergency situation. I'm not kidding; anyone got any pics or videos of bags being worn that way? I'm curious!

As far as strapping bedrolls/sleeping bags to backpacks, I do think it would be more realistic, though I am happy with it not being possible if implementing it is a big headache; I assume it would mean giving backpacks a specific "carry space" that could only hold whatever type of items sleeping bags (and possibly tarps, tunics, long coats, etc.) are categorized as?

I've always wanted more variety in the game's items (though I understand Dan's "only one of each thing to start with" approach) and would definitely like to see at least two types of backpacks eventually: the current one (that could let you attach coats/sleeping bags to the outside) and a more common smaller "courier"/"student" type backpack.

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On the second... those are being used to protect their backpacks from the rain, but that bad is easily big enough to put a couple holes in and wear with a LOT of room to stash stuff.

But yeah, the ability to "wear" a bag depends on the person's size. A large man probably wouldn't be able to do it.