The Roaring RP

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The Roaring RP

Since theres a large lack of RP on these forums with the perfect type of idea to RP, lets start one up.
First off I need someone else to be willing to devote time to do the story and "Roll" for actions. This basically breaks down to being a good writer with good ideas and rolling a d20 to figure out the effectiveness of an action. (Everyday actions wouldnt need a roll but lets say scavenging would take a roll plus what ever relevant stat the character had.) One thing to always keep in mind is that we can liberties with the game in the RP for example electrical can be used to lets say hotwire a blastdoor to open.

Next we need PEOPLE plain and simple your job is to "play" in the RP do as you like, you can work with players or kill them however remember all players are subject to rolling so your target might get a lucky 20 and suddenly the tables have turned. Also remember that your no super hero, your character is certainly better then most people but he is still human and can be killed or otherwise injured.

Character Sheet
Skills:(4 by default can take more with defects same as in game)
*Inventory:(Remember you dont have magic bags you can only take so much with you)
*Status:(Injuries, current mood, hungry, thirsty, you name it)

*You might want to keep these things at the bottom of your posts

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