A request to focus on new scavenging locations and items for the next update

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A request to focus on new scavenging locations and items for the next update

Like the title says we are long over due for a scavenging expansion or just new locations in general. I would like to see things like police stations, hospitals and other things. New items and makeshift things out of junk items would be cool too.

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If they're added I believe they should have low loot possibility. Mainly because those will be the first places most will look to scavenge. Though to my knowledge there isn't a definite amount of time since the world went to hell. So a few police stations and hospitals might still be rich with goodies. Darkwood looks awesome by the way, even though I detest top-down/overhead games.

Of course but on of the off chance someone was like PROBABLY LOOTED and didnt check it might have nice loot. But I just want more things to look more "junk" items that we can use to make things and craft stuff. I mean just picture running around with your scrap armor wielding your makeshift machete made of a few knifes and some duct tape holding them together and for the handle.

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Yeah I just would like the game to keep it's balance and realism. Like these makeshift weapons and armor would have low durability and wouldn't protect that much compared to others made of better material.

some scavenge/camp location ideas thrown together:

car / van / emergency vehicle / ect
police station
fire station
government building (generic)
bank (vault could make a good camp spot)
parking garage
small factory
department store
convents store
gun store (maybe one or two bullets left)
Farmhouse (on farmland)
Barn (on farmland)
crop field (on farmland)

posable new hexes:

trailer park
military bunker
military base
abandoned (or not) prison
plane crash site
factory / industrial park
highway/freeway (abandoned cars, maybe only take up .75 to move along or something)

will try and think of more later

Hmm.. I like the highway/freeway idea, though I think it should increase the chance of a hostile encounter, or make it easier for AI to spot the player. A risk / reward thing. Traveling the roads would be easier, but there is the chance that you will have to fight.

actually it would be harder to track you on a highway/freeway.... hard flat surfaces don't leave much a trace of your passing

But it would be VERY easy to spot you and NPCs would use them too a lot so yes it would be dangurious to travel on them but faster than trecking through the woods

The second point is what I meant. People would travel it more than say... the woods, so encounters would be more frequent. There is also the possibility of simply spotting a mob on the road, as I bet the looters would frequent it.

The gangs would also probably pick regions to control, and charge passers a fee, or rob them. So maybe a road hex, with a small structure on it to represent the possibility of one of these. These ones could also potentially be looted, so yeah...

I really dont want to bump but I really really want more locations to loot, since I joined no new scavenging locations or a major item update has occured (well I suppose that the skill improvement and new firearms might count but I want a general item focused update D:)

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