Bug Fixing and Admin

Despite having to run some errands, I managed to get a decent amount of work done today. Earlier in the day, I focused mainly on bugs, and catching up on the latest reported ones from players.

One of the first ones I tackled was the misbehaving 2/3 hotkeys after scavenging yields items. It turns out that the code I added to restrict delete/use modes on the crafting screen were also affecting the items screen after getting scavenge loot. I added special case code to allow for this, and I also decided to re-enable just the delete function on crafting. Some folks mentioned that this was a useful feature for hiding certain items from quick recipes while crafting.

I also managed to find the bug causing DMC guards to die everywhere (or at least one of the causes). It looks like the despawn code was misbehaving due to some changes I made when I added DMC snipers. So in future builds, they should be despawning correctly, and not littering the countryside :)

There was a typo that I took care of, and a bug that allowed players to sneak into the new faction territory without seeing the perimeter encounter.

Apart from the above fixes, I also started doing some triage on my bug/feature wishlist. It's been a while, so it's worth seeing how priorities have changed.

And finally, there was some admin work to be done for vendors. Marketing images, keys, that sort of thing. More of the same is likely for tomorrow, along with some more bug fixes.

have a good night, all!