Post-0.985b Monitoring

Hey Folks!

I've been keeping an eye on the forum chatter since yesterday's upload, and so far, the 0.985 update seems to be a pretty good build. There have been a few issues reported, but most seem to be minor. There have been a couple, more serious, bug reports. However, these have been hard to reproduce so far, so I'm still looking for answers/clues.

I'll keep watching things, so see if 0.985 seems stable enough to promote to the new default build.

Apart from monitoring duties, I also started making some "quality of life" or usability type fixes today. There have been some consistent sticking points reported by new users, and I finally have enough info to see if there are ways to improve them.

One of these issues involves the opening encounter. The broken window becomes an item on the ground, and many players see it the first time when they're getting their multitool or first aid kit as loot. And unfortunately, when they mouse over it, they see "right-click and use to re-enter cryo." To a new user, this might seem like a weird way to exit the items screen and return to the encounter (and it is!), and worse, it doesn't work if tried.

Instead, I'm going to see if I can make the cryo encounter start with a scavenge location automatically each game. Scavenging this location will be the new way to obtain that window to re-enter the facility, and then it can be used normally. This should help clear up the confusion in that case.

Furthermore, since we're now "scavenging" the cryo facility, I thought it might make sense to remove the "eagle eye" and "medic" loot encounter branches, and instead make them options in the cryo scavenge encounter. This is not only more logical, but it helps teach new players how to scavenge (which is something they'll see a brief tutorial screen about if they exit the cryo facility for the first time).

Also, since I made the cryo facility start with an automatic scavenge location, I decided to do the same for some other hex types. In particular, the forest should now be scavengeable right away. No more waiting to scavenge for botanists and trappers!

There was a bug in the bear root item that prevented identification, so I fixed that. And a subtle bug in stack order was causing weirdness in crafting. That should be fixed in the next build, too.

Tomorrow, I have some errands to run in town, so I may have spotty internet access. However, in what time I have for dev, I plan to continue the cryo window fix, and look into some other UI/"quality of life" issues.

Have a good night, all!


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I appreciate consistency in gameplay mechanics, nice to see the attention to detail.

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This is great news because I hate to say it but this game isn't the most intuitive game I've played! There are also a number of jobs that become tiresome if you have to do them more than once...

That said I wouldn't of realised I could re-enter the cryo unit if I hadn't had spoiled it for myself reading the wiki, something I don't let myself do now!

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Yeah, the UI and workflow in the game can be rough. I think a big part of the problem is that much of the game evolved over 3 years, so some early features don't play as nicely as newer ones, or are inconsistent.

Hopefully, I can smooth much of this out!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games