Still no way to "boil" meat or make soup/stew?

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Still no way to "boil" meat or make soup/stew?

I've been away from the game for a while and am loving some of the new additions since my absence (vehicles, ceasefires, etc.).

However, I'm surprised to find that some things still aren't possible, one of which is cooking meat in a pan rather than on a stick!

I'd love to be able to "fry" the meat we hunt/find in a pan+meat+fire recipe, or at least boil it with pan+meat+water+fire.

Incidentally, I'll also take a chance to throw in my plea yet again for home-made soup recipes, even if it's just pot+water+mushrooms+fire (Mushroom Soup) or pot+meat+mushrooms+water+fire (Meat & Mushroom Stew).

Fancy icons/graphics not required... I'll settle for a simple brown-ish recolor of the canned soup contents if need be.

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There is another up-side to this. If stored quickly enough, soup will stay good in a container much longer than its ingredients, and even if it "expires" you can push your luck and re-cook the soup with some degree of safety, comparable to other perishable items.

Another thing that would be nice, is the ability to cook and can berries. I get the feeling that, for those without access to the DMC, sweet treats are relatively hard to come by. They would be pretty valuable to those needing a small break from the hardships of survival.
(Basically, canned and jarred fruit would have a high resale value, compared to the effort required to make it)