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new animal to hunt

At the concrete forest apartments, the food vender says the meat is "track rabbit" and the "catch of the day". What if the Track rabbit is an actual creature that we could hunt. I would say that it should look like a jackalope. The myth says it can be baited with whiskey. Maybe it will spawn when player is drunk?

lol wat?

I was under the impression that 'track rabbit' referred to the rabbits (and not only..) often living/hunted/killed near railroad tracks, as I know of at least two instances outside of the game where the term was used in such way.

I assume that together with 'catch of the day' it is to suggest that whatever the source of meat is, it's something randomly hunted (or maybe even found dead?) near/in DMC, a thing that may be certainly edible, even tasty, but not really something that could be used to advertise a business.

Beside that, I wouldn't mind character seeing things - possibly not real at all - when heavily inebriated.

As I've said before (ages ago, though), I really REALLY want RATS as a huntable food source that work just like squirrels (use a snare trap when scavenging) except they are found mainly in "urban" hexes instead of forest ones.


Come on, Dan... what kind of second-rate post apocalypse is it where you can't eat a nice tasty rat? :)

(I'd love trappable rabbits too, though.)

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Scavenger's pretty close to the mark on this one. "Track rabbit" is a colloquial term for whatever animal one finds near the tracks. In urban settings, this usually means rat. But they're not picky :)

@Banjo, I agree! Rats are still on my wishlist, too!

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