New Beta Build: Player Camps, Sleep Changes, and More!

Finally! A new beta build! It's been over a week since the last build update, and that's because the player camp has meant a lot of changes. With changes come instability, so before I get into the list of changes, I want to warn everyone that things could get wonky in the next little while. I've tried to test all the changes, and fix any obvious bugs. But you may encounter some things I've missed, so please report them in the forums as usual, and I apologize in advance for any games gone awry!

Also, as usual, save games from older builds may show weirdness when loaded in 0.927b. It's possible they will work, but for best results, a new game should be started.

Right, with that out of the way, let's look at what's changed!

Beta Build 0.927b

As mentioned in the headline, today's build includes the beginnings of the player camp system. It has a long ways to go before it's complete, but for now, it offers slightly better odds of sleeping at night as compared to older builds.

However, the first thing you may notice in today's build is in the skills page:

The new skill screen.

It works pretty much the same as before, I've just moved a few things around. Namely, the chosen skills and traits now run across the foot of the page, instead of the right hand side. The reason for this is to make them fit on-screen along with the crafting UI.

The new crafting screen, with skill slots at the bottom.

The hope is that this will make crafting with skills easier than before. It should also reduce confusion when a user clicks on a skill, as it will visibly go to the crafting area, instead of disappearing off-screen. To craft using items carried by the player, the items must be transferred to the ground first.

Also, there are some new buttons down the left side of the screen. I removed the button labels to make room for the new buttons, but the tooltips still appear, so it should still be easy to find the desired button.

Right, so how does camping work? Every hex has one or more campsites in it, which bestow varying amounts of protection from the rain, from being discovered by creatures, and some benefits to sleep quality, healing rate, and alertness when sleeping.

The new camping screen, with a "discovered" camp installed, and the default camp unused.

By default, every hex has at least the most basic site: "any old spot on the ground." This default spot performs pretty much like what you're used to when sleeping in NEO Scavenger: it's barren, uncomfortable, and exposed, but it'll do in a pinch. During scavenging, when you choose a scavenge location (such as an apartment building or stretch of forest), you may find a campsite as part of the loot. This will be reported to you in the scavenge results, much like regular loot. Switching to the camp screen will show you all discovered camps in the current hex. In the screenshot above, a campsite in the woods has been found and chosen. You can see that it offers moderate concealment, a decent night's sleep, and only a little shelter, warning of intruders, and almost no benefit to healing at all.

Each camp has room for items in it, and eventually, I'll add more items like sleeping bags, tarp shelters, and other facilities to use in improving the campsite. For now, you can use the space to store additional items, plus the noise traps will work in that slot.

The sites you find and choose to use should be remembered even after leaving the hex, as well as between save/load. However, if there are any issues with the system, let me know in the forums!

Other Updates in 0.927b

I also managed to work on a few other things while camp was underway, so here's a breakdown:

  • Sleeping now works a bit differently. There is a "sleep quality" stat now, which not only affects how much fatigue is restored per hour of sleep, but also affects the likelihood of waking up prematurely. This stat is mainly affected by the quality of the campsite. However, it is also affected by...
  • Insomnia! There's a new trait available in the skill screen called "Insomnia." Choosing it will make your sleep less effective, and will make it difficult to sleep for more than a few hours at a time. Since sleep grows more effective the longer you sleep uninterrupted, this should mean more hours of sleeping is necessary to restore the same amount of fatigue.
  • No more sneak button. Hiding is now controlled by the campsite quality, so scavenge for a good hidey-hole if you want to evade a creature! (I eventually plan to add bonus hidden campsites for using Hiding in scavenging, but for now, all players get the same campsite possibilities during scavenging.)
  • Traits were broken! It turns out that choosing flaws was not penalizing the player at all in previous builds. Fixed!
  • Creatures no longer "coup de grace" when they discover another creature sleeping. Instead of auto-killing, they deal a slightly worse wound than usual. This should significantly reduce the random sleep deaths we saw previously, though a lucky shot may still spell doom!
  • Saving/loading games with the Jar of Eyes should now correctly restore the item.
  • AI will now ignore creatures at a distance if it can't see them. Previously, AI would only start ignoring a hidden creature when adjacent to it, so it would often walk up to the hidden creature, then hit/wander-off accordingly. Now, if the distant creature is hidden well enough, the AI will instead look for loot or follow tracks.
  • Campfires and small flames now increase visibility and tracks/scent for creatures in the same space. If you're trying to hide, don't lite a fire!
  • Scavenging now includes an explicit "Exit" option to allow users to cancel scavenging before committing a move. Previously, it was still possible to do this, but wasn't as clear. Now, both choosing nothing and choosing "Exit" will cancel.
  • Hotkeys! I added a handful of new hotkeys for ease of navigation. "E" opens the encounter screen, when applicable. "R" opens the camp screen. "F" opens the crafting screen. "V" opens the vehicle screen. Most (if not all) of these should toggle as well, like the "Q" key does.
  • Spacebar now works on the skill selection and crafting confirm buttons. This should hopefully make even less mousing necessary during those processes.
  • Container code was updated to be more consistent, rather than specifying a list of specific containers valid per-item. Now, containers and items have categories, such as liquid, fine, coarse, fire, etc. You may notice some containers accepting or denying objects they previously didn't. However, this should make things more consistent, and easier for me to add new containers in the future.

Phew! Like I said, quite a bit rolled into this build. I wanted to try and get something uploaded tonight, since tomorrow is the beginning of a long weekend, here in Canada. I won't be working again until Monday, but I'll pop by the forums and check my email occasionally in case anything catches on fire.

As always, thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy some of the changes! Feel free to report not only bugs, but general feelings about the new camp system and other changes in the forums. Hopefully, we can get the system good enough over the next week to start thinking about the next feature!

Have a good one!


babooshka76's picture

Hi! Please check out the forum - the beta is now not playable - no skills or traits at beginning of game, stuck at cryo facility with no available actions.[edit] After some research I've noticed the beta IS working on IE but not on Firefox!

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This is a great update, I can't wait to play around with campsites! And just for the record, it is working on Firefox at my end.