Testing 0.985

I think I'm finished with planned changes on 0.985, and moving into the testing phase.

Earlier in the day, I was catching up on some forum posts and bug reports. And then, I resumed testing the new encounter. There were a few glitches in the encounter's various triggers, so it took some rewiring and condition planning to make sure that was working correctly. Namely, I wanted to make sure the various ways to trigger the encounter were triggering at the right times (based on player status and previous actions).

Once that seemed to be working, I decided to look into the DMC guards and their sniper reinforcement ability. It turns out that the snipers aren't despawning correctly, and continue to exist on the map even after gone. This results in some weird game behavior, since the player can still run into them. However, the game never sees them, so they don't update outside of battle.

So far, I think this has to do with the order in which things get handled in each turn. I may be despawning them too early in the turn, and something later on causes them to be partially re-added to the game. Tomorrow, I'm going to have to look into why.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and see you tomorrow!


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Any chance on being able to fight DMC Snipers? Like if we had our own sniper rifles? >:)

~The Pirate

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Well, they are "real" creatures, in the sense that they occupy a space in the battle, can be targeted, and are subject to game rules. So technically, one could do battle with them, and get their loot.

However, I haven't drawn special artwork for their

Spoiler: Highlight to view
4mm Cotler Rail Gun

yet :) They have new stats, and work like normal items, but they look like existing ones.

Also, they are hella tough to see and hit. You might sneak a peek if they do something to expose themselves, but usually you'll just see a "?" icon. Trying to hit them is pretty challenging. And they'll escape after a few rounds, disappearing from the map.

For now, they're intended more as a special ability for guards rather than a fully-developed creature. However, I'll probably make them more formal in the future.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games