Almost There (0.985)...

Today was the converse of yesterday, with me spending little time on PR and instead focusing a lot on development. The bulk of today's work was on the new faction's main encounter.

First, I worked on the trading post, and other services they provide. There was a little bit of work creating the appropriate conditions and items to trigger these correctly. Also, while working on this, I realized I never fixed the Haggerty Health wound dressing option, so I fixed that, too.

After the services were worked out, it came time to start dealing with all the minute details to make the encounter work. Things like handling when the player visits for the first time vs. a return visit, or when the player is an outcast vs. welcome. There were actually quite a few permutations involved.

I also needed to setup the various trigger areas and hexes, teleportation rules, and generally make sure the encounter fires when it should.

In addition, I needed to setup treasure groups for each of the branching decision points (which shows the player their options), conditions to be set when the player passes certain gates or encounter nodes, and handling areas that can be visited with different player conditions in place.

As of this evening, I've got most of the encounter detailed like this, and just need to finalize one conversation. Once that's done, I'll have to start testing it for bugs.

Besides this encounter, I also need to tweak an old encounter for new content, as well as an old illness chain.

Finally, I made a small adjustment to the UI to show 0.1% when an item's condition is so low that it gets rounded to 0.0% in the UI. This is mainly cosmetic, so players don't think the item is bugged.

As the title says, I think we're getting close! Testing could still reveal lots of bugs (I'm worried in particular about trigger misfires), but if all goes smoothly, I think we'll have a new build within the next couple work days!