Multiplayer and Fractions

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Multiplayer and Fractions

Why not add Multiplayer to the game where you can kill each other, trade, and be able to customize your charter.
My other suggestion are why not be able to join fractions in single player if you do add multiplayer you should be able to make a group and name it with friends.

So, that's my suggestions for now.

Dan already said there will be no multiplayer, simply because the game was never built with that in mind. He would have to re-work literary everything, from grounds up, and that would take way too much time and effort. Especially now, that the game nears completion :D

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Is a non-flash / flash based sequel to Neo Scavenger in the future confirmed?


It's confirmed that the next game won't be a flash game, but Dan hasn't decided yet if it will be NEO Scavenger 2 or another game. It also depends on how much money he makes with NEO Scavenger. If he can't pay his bills he might be forced to give up his independence. If you want a sequel tell all your friends (and foes) to buy the game. ;-)

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