Vehicle falling apart deystroys cargo

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Vehicle falling apart deystroys cargo

Using ver. 984b from steam, when my sled with strap fell apart the components and all of the cargo were just gone, not in my inventory anywhere, or on the ground either. Was getting near DMC to sell it all off.

Did you check the campgrounds too? sometimes they go there just for the heck of it, also try restarting the game. [the exe that is not a save file.]

Did you check the campgrounds too? sometimes they go there just for the heck of it

Usually if that happens it's because the ground ran out of space to fit anymore items, so then items will either start getting stuffed inside of any containers laying around or pushed into the camp screens.

There are a few valid reasons it might happen, as Vidar and Dragoonseal mention. E.g.

  • The sled is still equipped, minus the strap. The game usually tries to put degraded items into the slot the original came from, so if the strapped sled degraded into a strapless sled, all of its contents might still be in the vehicle slot.
  • No space on the ground for the items, so it gets nested into containers, camps, or other spaces.
  • The vehicle broke in a different hex than the current hex. (I.e. the message is still the last one in the log, but happened one or more moves ago)
  • NPC stole items from the ground after falling.

If it's none of those things, there may be a bug at work. Let me know!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

No camp sites flagged on the hex, ground only had 3 items on it, and the vehicle slot was empty.

Hm, do you happen to have a save file for that? I could poke around and see if the loot is hidden someplace. I'll make a note to try simulating a degraded sled full of loot, and see if I can repro the bug.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

This just happened for me. version 1.0 from steam.

nothing in campgrounds etc, have saved a few (2,3) turns later (i went hunting for the items on the ground).

The sled had 2 backpacks full of stuff in it when it broke, everything in it disappeared.

Let me know how i can send the save if you need it.

Hi mars,

If you want to send me the save, probably the best way is to upload it to dropbox, Google Drive, or similar file hosting service, and then send me a message (PM via site) or email with the link. I can load it and try it out once I'm back in the office Monday (the 5th).

However, if it's already happened, the save might not do much except prove that it was due to lack of space on the ground. Still, it sounds like this is coming up a lot:

and I've made a note that it might be time to reopen the issue of ground space overflow. Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games