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New Traps

hello everyone!

It has been a while since I posted anything but I just had some good ideas for nasty traps to make the trapping skill a little more fun to use.

1) Improvised Explosive- made from gunpowder, parts, a soup can and a bit of string. Bullets can be used to substitute the gunpowder when crafting. Not only will it wake you up when a creature is near but will cause some maiming to the creature.

2) Trip Wire made from medium cord. Will trip creature (cause some bruising) and may wake you up.

3) Rigged firearm- made from a tripwire and a firearm. Will wake you up and has a chance of shooting the creature.

Maybe looters will use these traps as well when sleeping?

That is my suggestion, thanks for reading and I am open for critisizim.

lol wat?

I quite like these ideas, they could work very well if used properly, and maybe instead of just while sleeping, they can be placed on ground during battle, making you vulnerable for a turn, but "Lure" would set off the trap, being much more powerful

Feared by all... Even the Merga

there ia also a realy easy trap to use. all you need is a bullet and a sharp/sturdy object. also a bored or something for a larger surface area. you need to combine shard,bullets,bored,trapping and you get a large surface area bullet trap. you can lay it down,some one steps on and and the bullet goes into there leg/or shards of wood go into there leg. the Chinese used this when the Americans were chasing them through a forest. sorry for bad spelling. lots of speed typing.

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly