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Hacking stuff

Just some observations.

Shouldn't an unlocked hardware be worth more than a locked one?

And shouldn't all software and information be worth something regardless of how irreverent to most people it would be valued by some one. Just not by much. However having like 20 .img files and they be worth 0$ seams kinda odd.

The traders at the market most likely have their own people able to unlock/hack that stuff. And if someone brings them an already unlocked device, there is a big chance he moved all the "juicy" stuff from it, to sell it separately for much greater money. So if anything, they should be buying locked devices for more money because of the chance that it might contain something worthwhile. But since those selling locked stuff don't know their real worth/don't have the alternative, traders pay dirty low for all kinds of equipment in the end.

About the file price I agree - even those silly ones should have a minimal price, like $0.25 or something. Funny cat is better than nothing after all.

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I actually wouldn't mind if unlocked stuff would provide somewhat more cash. No matter if sprawl traders have their own people for hacking the devices, gadget already 'processed' and ready for reselling is of some worth. Plus, I cannot be sure of ability to unlock all kinds of stuff being common - too often I've stumbled upon locked and unpowered device - more of a random loot scavenged from somewhere than an item ready to use - to think so.

I don't buy Kaaven's argument regarding locked device having higher worth, unfortunately - no decent trader would deal in vague possibility of locked items holding valuable data given that realistically it would be far easier to simply lock the device, rather than unlock it and if it would be common for traders to buy such locked devices more eagerly, everyone would do it decreasing resell value as a side-effect (after all, most of the future customers will rather pay for the thing unlocked and ready to use).

On the last point, I do agree. All kinds of data should have some value, varied depending on the type (random image usually is worth less than some ebook or a movie, even if neither can serve for anything but entertainment but at the same time one image can be a work of art, while video file may be low quality, amateur recording of nothing in particular).

They also still have to pay who ever on there staff dose the unhacking so if it's already unhacked saves them from sending it off to those guys.

In a post-apocalyptic society, things like smartphones and ipads are going to be glorified paperweights to most folks. However, if you're an enclave with A) the ability to recharge devices like this and - more importantly - B) the skill to hack it and use it to the fullest, they are going to worth a small fortune.

I agree with the idea that to a PA "techie" who's able to hack a device themselves (e.g. the tech guys at Zom-Zoms), a "locked" (untampered with) device would be worth MUCH more. Who knows what awesome secrets and files stuff it might contain? An unlocked device, on the other hand, almost certainly contains nothing but amateur videos of someone's cat.

To a general "junk dealer", locked or unlocked shouldn't make much of a difference, IMO; your average joe will only care if that iSlab he's trading for can be used as a nightlight, not whether it might contains secret blackmail files on some DMS bigwig or not!

As for data files themselves... I guess it depends how many people have access to a way to view them. I can see a tattered old-school porno magazine being worth FAR more to the average survivor than a bunch of porn .jpg images they can't even view without a computer and/or electricity!

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Think of it like this. People will buy a locked safe in the hopes of something good. An open, empty safe is only worth a safe.
A locked safe is worth a safe, and whatever it may contain.

The player could, in theory, lock a laptop and try to pawn it off as a scavenged one that might have some useful information... though that might get them a bad reputation if done too often.