Couple of questions

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Couple of questions

So hacking is a skill that is interesting, but I'm wondering is it profitable. The files you get from hacking, would they be valuable to sell in any way? Is it just mainly for the main story. I want to be ranged and progress in the story but my builds wont let me usually. Money is also a problem too. Also, I have questions for poison. What can poison me besides mushrooms and berries? I would get poison 2 and 3 and wouldnt know why.

I've not used hacking myself, but selling data files is reportedly very profitable.

Poison can be had from spoiled meat, poisonous yellow berries, poisonous red berries, poisonous mushrooms, or poisoned water. Yellow berries are always poisonous, blue/black berries are always safe, red berries and mushrooms could be either you won't be able to tell without the Botany skill. Poisoned water is very rare normally, but you're more likely to happen across it at the toxic Great Black Swamp that is the south border of the map. Poisoned water can only be revealed via a water tester, boiling it or using a water purification pill won't get rid of or show it.

Ah, the yellow berries probably did it in for me then. Thank you. I want try hacking, but it seems a difficult task getting the proper tools.

Hacking is very Profitable.. but it depends on luck on finding the Phones/Laptops that contain the valuable data!
You will need to be near DMC,where you can use the Unlicensed Power tap,to power your Equipment!
and also a few Memory sticks (empty) to be able to store the valuable data to be able to sell it on the junk market, (you can buy the memory sticks from the junk market,but then you will have to empty out the Existing data first)

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