Coming out shooting.

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Coming out shooting.

Upon waking from my cryo-nap, and hiding from the dogman, I spent 4 hours looting the city tiles right near me, and lo and behold, the game giveth. A .308 rifle, with 4 bullets, some clothing, and a Crowbar. After hiding my tracks and hiding in the tile I was in, I was further blessed with a deer walking right next to me, moving in, I got 1 shot off with the hunting rifle, which unfortunately didn't kill the deer, but stunned, and knocked it unconscious. I sprinted up, beat it to death with the crowbar, and scavenged the city tile to the south, finding a lighter, and a backpack.

Look out DMC. I'm comin' for ya!

That must have been to Best run i've heard! :D
Did you die? and How many days did you survive for?

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He lasted 30 days.

I got cocky after a slaughter of DMC guards, took off my amulet, and got groped to death by the Wraith.