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Stuck at the bank

Hey there,

I'm currently stuck at the DMC bank. I followed the wiki's course of action and, as my character is a tough melee fighter, was only able to wait for the teller to leave the place and break in. However, I couldn't log in the computer because I had no idea what login to type, and now there's a guard in front of the bank preventing me from trying anything else.

Anyone knows how I could solve this problem?

Sorry mate, but your character blew it... That's all he can do (sneaky/tech skills are much more useful in that kinds of situations). In the future versions of the game, some other possibilities to get to interesting information will be added, but for now, you did your best :D

P.S. Another way to get, relatively safely, through this encounter is to play mentally handicapped...

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Yeah, I read that in the wiki, but didn't want to spoil the game so I only read it when I was stuck.

Damn, this is some sad answer mate :( I sure hope the next updates will bring a solution for every character. Anyway, great game so far, but it's frustrating to have to do a whole new character just because I chose the wrong dialog option.

Thanks for the tips!

There's a lot of that in this game - choices do matter. There are even some that can kill you outright. While there are always multiple solutions to every situation, some are better than the other. Just get use to this (and a mild spoiler: never stay in a haunted house longer than it's absolutely necessary...).

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Just wanted to add some context here. While it's true that I try to add multiple ways to get past obstacles, there are some obstacles that are permanently closed by player actions.

So, in your guarded bank example, the final game will not allow you back into the bank after making that mistake. I may add a way to get info from another source, but some mistakes will cost you valuable intel, relationships, or worse. In other words, some trails are going to "run cold" in some games.

When the game is done, I hope to have at least a couple "trails" to follow, so if the player dead-ends on one (e.g. bank account info), they can try another (e.g. origins of talisman). The final picture may not be as complete, but at least the player can still make some progress.

And if the player makes 100% mistakes, they get none of the info :)

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To voice an opinion, I'd really like the first possibility you've mentioned available in case of all major plot-lines - namely, after blowing one particular way of getting an information, for player to have a chance of fixing the situation/finding that particular piece of info - even if somewhat modified or lacking - through some alternative route.

While I am aware there are to be several major plotlines and player is not meant to experience all of them completely in a single playthrough, I certainly am for ability to get most of the info, even if at big personal sacrifices. Otherwise, single choice may be really disastreous even before player is able to realize what's going on and that may cause some issues or disappointment - vide threads about Skycorps where people consider them somewhat too effective or lake house where single choice, as good and reasonable as any other is practically a death warrant without much of an earlier warning other than vague hints that the place hides more than it may seem.

I certainly wouldn't want some events to get easy, but warning about/cushioning once each failure one couldn't be prepared for without earlier experience/checked wiki would improve the experience - though I do know that this is how some events are already made.

Other than that, if one is obviously forewarned that there is a risk in choosing this particular option and still decides to use it, game shouldn't take it lightly, but that opinion is surely nothing new either.

Just wanted to add something, though I realize I'm a couple weeks late to the party. :)

While I'm perfectly alright with people not gaining some information in some playthroughs, if there is a way to 'win' the game by reaching the end of whatever story I think that this sort of thing shouldn't punish the players.

I'll grant you that players making dumb decisions shouldn't be given an easy time, but if things can more or less be seen in several ways (for example, how many of us have co-workers who write down their passwords and logins? Maybe an option for Eagle Eyes?) then just because they didn't intuit the situation the same way as the creator shouldn't lock them out of winning the game. Especially on hour 10 of a Roguelike. ;)

Just another thought.