New Items, Art

I received a new encounter illustration today. Soon, players will finally be able to see some artwork for Haggerty Health Clinic! Here's a sneak peek:

IMAGE( Every player's favorite haunt.

You'll have to wait until v0.985 to see the full image :)

This illustration comes from Max Antonov. While I've been plugging away at encounter stuff, I decided to have another illustration done, and I think Max has done nicely!

In addition to this new illustration, I also worked on a few new items that can be obtained in the new encounter I'm working on. They're medicinal/protective in nature, so it should be an interesting addition to the array of existing in-game items. I'm still deciding whether or not to add any other new items here, or if I should try to wrap this one up.

It might be best to get a draft out to you guys for feedback before committing too much effort, in case I'm missing something. There's a lot of info in this encounter, and it might have gaps I'm not seeing after being so close to the work.

In any case, work continues as usual, and it was refreshing to have some non-writing stuff to add. It's nice to see former gaps in the game's art (i.e. unique hexes and encounters) start to fill in!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!