The Merga Wraith

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The Merga Wraith

So, as I have started the past three to five games, I have died in less than 12 hours because this Merga Wraith. My first encounter came with a death of 0.08 hours (seriously...) I can't run from it at all, so how am I supposed to avoid it starting out is the question? I usually go back to examine the exam room and that was my first encounter.

Merga wraith's appearance is tied to a certain piece of jewelry your character is wearing since waking up. Keep it on, keep it safe.

It's either that your game is bugged (Report it,along with a few Screen shots,in the Technical support part of the forums)
OR that you just Did the same thing for the past Three to Five games,and that is you took of your necklace! or that a Looter or someone Looted your Body and With it your necklace!

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Ahhh, thank you. I usually use it for crafting. I don't like a creepy shadow like guy appearing and raping me like an army of dogmen O.o

Don't take off the bronze talisman that your character wears around his neck. Taking it off will spawn the Wraith on your next move. It IS killable, though. You have to get lucky with a ranged shot or melee weapon.

Recommended Strategy For Fighting: Let the Wraith get REALLY close (if you have a gun or other ranged weapon, you can try to shoot it while it's advancing), then access your inventory and put the talisman back on. It will immediately begin running away and trying to retreat. This is when you can get close. Start chasing after it, using the 'Charge!' move. Use the melee flurry attack (have a high-damage weapon, like a monkey wrench) or open fire with a gun, and hope you get lucky and demolish its head or chest on one of your attacks. The Wraith can apparently 'self-heal', meaning if you wound it, but not kill it, whatever wounds it has will go away in the middle of the fight. I once broke both its arms in a single flurry, and it was in perfect health when I fought it again the next day. Another flurry broke it's leg, and it healed in the middle of the fight. The Wraith will occasionally attack you even when you have your talisman on. These attacks can range from minor bruising to severe bleeding wounds, so have some clean rags ready.

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