The first 24...

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The first 24...

So my best friend showed me this game from Steam. I'm mostly a console gamer due to my lack of money for gaming PCs :/ I would love to play on PCs, but games just won't run right on it as the video card, ram, or something else may be lacking on another game. Anyways, this game was perfect. It's a very, very detailed, graphically impressive, and extremely immersive (even the demo with which my friend and I played). I bought the game just about 10 minutes ago. But I thought I would share my experience within the first 24 hours....of three tries each.

Sadly, I didn't survive a day the first time. I was clueless. My almost naked guy wearing a hospital gown getting chased by two or three bandits...yeah....I survived 18 hours...and died of a severe traumatic brain injury and acute bleeding in the lungs.

Second try, I did a little better. I was proud of surviving 20 hours. XD I found how to craft things and got better. But ultimately, I was no match for sleep deprivation during an intense battle of that annoying bandit. Nothing like taking a metal pan to the side of the head and going night night.

And lastly, I died from a pan to the face and some gunshot wounds. Being by a bandit and running and trying to hide and heal, only to be chased by a ruthless bandit...with that hard metal pan. >.> I swear, a cooking appliance is more deadly when it is whacked on the face than a bullet...because that bandit....he's ruthless >.>

Anyways, time to survive that I know a lot of crafting can be done. I seriously didn't know how to make a fire, or even if I could, until today XD This game is quite awesome.