Trade with looters

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Trade with looters

I played the demo version of this game before buying it outright the other day, and it is awesome :D One thing I really enjoy with the full version is discovering the conversation mechanics and more random encounters.

My character's currently not attacking/killing folks willy-nilly for loot, but there are definitely a lot more advantages for doing that than having a civil chat and parting ways (beside the warm fuzzies, of course). If 'Offer to Talk' had the potential to yield a random event to trade goods or pay all the monies for an item, whether dirt cheap or rare as heck, it could work towards balancing that out.

I was thinking that too... If some one is willing to talk to you, maybe you could convince them to trade to.

But the problem with this is, what are they willing to trade and for what?

Some one out in the wild is only going to trade what they don't need, and they are going to want what they need.

So there would have to be programing for the NPCs to seak out serten things over other things and the like. A lot of programing!

I think the mechanic is still pretty new to the game, so it will be interesting to see where it goes. I wouldn't be surprised if eventually the player can freely* trade with wandering NPC's but I dont think that will be for a while.

*being you have the appropriate monies of course.

(EDIT: I mean trade as in anything in the persons inventory, aside from their worn clothing and their best [or equipped] weapons. Things like food, water, junk, and resources should all be trade-able between scavengers; possibly going so far as to letting the NPC's status and needs effect the price. [ie. if the NPC is hungry it wont sell food but will pay extra for it])

We either die a survivor, or live long enough to see ourselves eat every DMC guard.

That's exactly what I was thinking Holden :) Expanding on that too, the same mechanic could also be used to activate other random encounters or 'fetch quests' for items ('I'm gonna need x hides, but I'm too ill-equipped to hunt deer' or 'That guy beat me up and stole my x, and I'd like you to return the favour and get it back') so there's a lot more potential for interactions.

Yeah, if this even was on the cards I definitely wouldn't be surprised if it didn't crop up for another few whole-number versions. I'm having my fun just kicking around some ideas.

We'll see what happens, I think the creator has something planned down the line, but honestly I dont know. Like I said the mechanic is still pretty new, so I will be interested to see where it will go.

Frankly I'm not too fond of fetch quests, but if in a bind it might be nice.

You did spark an idea for me though, perhaps looters could warn the player about local activity, like say dog-men being spotted in the area or a group of "badmuthas" preying on looters. Some might want money or items in return for this information; or perhaps its just someone who thinks by telling you, that you will enact justice for them, thus scoring yourself some loot and doing away with the baddies in return.

I'm not terribly familiar with code, but to be honest it sounds like it would be a mess to write, still a cool mechanic though.

We either die a survivor, or live long enough to see ourselves eat every DMC guard.

yah that is what i was saying, but all that would take some programing so I don't exspect to see it before more important stuff is finished

Late to the party but only recently started playing. But, you could just kick his head in and take everything for free, right?

There would need to be some sort of reason for not wanting to just kill a looter and take his stuff. Meet a looter -> offer to talk -> trade encounter -> spot rare item -> have nothing to trade -> follow him -> kill him -> get item. So then it becomes a means of seeing what people have on them without killing them...then killing them (outside of actually trading) which I think would happen allot and actually makes no sense at all. Just kill them in the first place.

You know like how Dayz has Bandits and good guys, you could have some sort of player rating and repercussions. Perhaps killing one too many looters labels you as a murdering son of a gun - and it then becomes impossible to form parties in order to benefit against tough opponents (or more than one opponent). But then, who and where is this big brother in the sky noticing and seeing everything you do? It doesn't make sense or plug into the game's suspension of disbelief.

Personally though, I would contract blue rot and hope to survive it and become a carrier, approach people looking to trade, cancel the deal and then stalk them until they died...victory! Surely that can't count as murder :) Ahh but then some looters might have functioning gas masks and stuff...its cool though - what im saying is there would be even more emergent gameplay from trading...but it all needs to make sense.

Something like with each kill you make, you become blood stained...we all know how hard it is to get blood off right? (What do you mean no?) When you meet another looter stained from head to toe in blood, they run for the hills or fight you or whatever - so that would be a good reason not to kill everyone on sight...unless you don't care of course. Then you could have branching quest or plot arcs depending on how blood stained you are. So it could even alter the major plot or encounters in some way too. Just thoughts though!

Kicking blind looters to death for mushrooms, wearing a clown mask...happy days.