Conversation Complete?

I think I may have finished the overall conversation structure I've been working on. One can at least start, conduct, and finish it now. And the player can do it in a variety of orders.

One thing I'll have to test is how the branch "gating" works out in practice. Technically, one can see all conversation branches if they choose the right things and in the right order. Missing a branch mostly means missed lore. And there are one or two ways to completely botch the conversation.

However, I think most folks will meander through and get more info than they bargained for. Even if some steps are missed, I worry it might be long enough to rival Zom Zom's in reading. So yeah, this may require tweaking.

I also think I've got three separate entry possibilities covered. E.g. if the player has this item or this condition, they see different paths.

What's left now is to build a final "hub" section, where non-conversation options can be chosen in any order, and multiple times. E.g. exploring the area and interacting with things. One gets here after finishing the conversation a certain way, or upon returning to this encounter location later.

And speaking of, that's another thing that needs doing. I'll need to make sure returning players have some way to get back in here.

Finally, there's still a lot of detail work to be filled in, such as hooking up items to choices, and making sure each path works in tests.

In other news, I managed to fix a bug that was reported on the forums involving water on wounds. It turns out that swapping water over a bandage causes the water to be "equipped," appearing in the paper doll's groin. Hilarious, maybe, but not effective. So that should be fixed.

I also fixed a few more reported typos in the cryo encounter.

Finally, I just heard word today that some of the copies of NEO Scavenger I donated last year are on their way to Afghanistan! Pretty cool! Operation Supply Drop has been handing out games and gear to active and recovering US soldiers for a while now, but it looks like they just completed their first drop to British soldiers. Nice work!

That about wraps it up for today. Have a good night, all, and see you tomorrow!