The musings of a Cannibal.

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The musings of a Cannibal.

The world is a harsh place, even more so after it ended.
So you took a small nibble, so what? what were you supposed to do, starve?
Caught out in the middle of nowhere with nought but hills and barren wasteland as far as the eye could see, there wasn't really much of an alternative.
And need ever taught naked woman to spin yarn.
Beside who's to judge you? Raiders? Bandits? Murders and rapists the whole lot of 'em!
You even had to fight one off that were trying to steal your shoe while you slept, your SHOE! for Christ's sake...
No there really isn't much off a moral high ground anymore, and besides you are not an "evil" person as such, not really. you only kill in order to survive, it's like "Survival of the fittest" and stuff, it's only natural!.
Well what's done is done and the bastard didn't even deserve to live in the first place anyway. Now that you think about it, aren't you doing the world a favour? ridding a already dangerous world of a dangerous person, making it a safer place for the rest? So what if you ate him? that's non of peoples business, if anything you deserved it, helping to make the world a better place and all that, people looking the other way is not much to ask for after all is it?
And surly it would be a waste to let all that fresh meat go spoiled and eaten by insects.
Yes you deserved, were morally obligated even. to eat him...
"I wonder where I can find another one?"

Thus began the noble cannibals quest of "ridding the world of dangerous people"...

7 days and 8 people later, the morally obligated and justified Cannibal died of Cholera.
... really should have made a habit of boiling my water.

*plays Taps* Rest ye, well, sweet noble cannibal!