Weapon Conditions?

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Weapon Conditions?

So I was wondering if the condition of your weapon effects the usefulness of it. Like I use a sling and I have used it from 100% to about 50%, should I use it til its gone or make a new one? Is it less effective since its about half way degraded?

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I'm not to sure about degradation effecting the output of items, but I do suggest that if it drops to 50% you start prioritizing finding a replacement for the item. You never want to be in the middle of battle and have your cleaver or bow break, trust me. Likewise you dont want to be a hundred miles from home with a sled full of loot and have the sled fall apart.

Best plan is to keep things as close to 100% as possible at all times.

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Haha yup, always carrying some extra rags and string for spare slings, I started changing them out every 75% ^o^

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I never recognized any loss of effectiveness due to a low condition. I use stuff until it breaks, but I never enter combat without a spare weapon.

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