Encounter Branch Drafted, Revising and Next Branch

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was actually pretty busy, unfortunately. More snow shovelling on the endless driveway, and catching up on chores we skipped last week while out of town. Exhausting! But hey, I suppose I got a bit of exercise.

Today, I resumed work on the encounter branch I started last week. And I think I've got it just about done. First draft, anyway. I have most of the text nodes written, and branching options mapped out. I even have a few of the item packs and conditions setup (e.g. lists of available items/options at each stage, and conditions applied to track variables). I'll need to finish those later.

I started work on a new branch today, and immediately noticed that certain sections of it are probably similar to the first. I may need to weave this new branch in and out of the original one where appropriate (to avoid redundant nodes), but there's definitely a point where it goes in a different direction. Also, the first branch will have one definite way to lead into the second one, so that needs sorting out, too.

Besides the above, I had a chance to catch up on some tech support threads in the various forums. And thanks to those reports, I was able to find and fix a bug with the TAB key in encounters/battle. I also changed DMC guards to always start with fresh equipment, due to some feedback I read. And finally, I lowered degrade rates a bit for all types of arrows.

I'm kinda liking this rhythm of a few bugs and a few encounter nodes each day. Good way to balance work!

Anyway, that's all for today. Have a good night, all!

PS: If you're reading this around 6pm Pacific time, you might be able to catch CrimsonBrotus's live Twitch stream of NEO Scavenger. I, unfortunately, have to duck out for some errands, but I did manage to catch her surviving Zom Zom's for the first time. Good luck out there, Crimson!


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Just out of interest what was the feed back on giving the DMC guards fresh equipment?

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Possibly the post I've made based on tales of others of how DMC guards turned into walking cash piles as their equipment breaks rather easily/quickly, thus making them very underpowered at times - especially considering profits their leftover items provide when looted and sold.

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@matsy, if you mean what prompted the change, it's what Scavenger said. Namely, DMC guards were showing up in dilapidated armor, pistols breaking after a couple shots, and generally unprepared for duty. This is fine if we encounter them far from the city (e.g. long tour), but guards in the sprawl should have full and fresh gear.

I'm also considering adding a special combat move to guards similar to melonheads. E.g. they can call for support. I'm not sure what this is, exactly, but I did make sure each of them had smartphones for reasons like this. Perhaps they can call for backup, a sniper shot from the wall, a wall tower artillery blast, or SkyCycle air support when things get really hot?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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That would be cool, and certainly help against exploit-y 'Oh, let's kill the guard down the street from heavily secured DMC gate or the market, then haul and sell his blood-splattered stuff'.

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Thank you for the replies @Scavenger and @dcfedor.

I haven't had a chance to play with the DMC guards yet, so didn't realise that their equipment were at breaking point. This clears that up a little bit!