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Buy Apartment in DMC

When I first arrived in the DMC, my character was badly damaged, scared, cold, extremely tired and hungry. The only thing he wanted to do was find a place to sleep in peace. To my disappointment there were no apartments to buy.

What I envisioned was buying a place to store my crap from 3 tiers of apartments available. The 1st tier would be a slum, which would be a little better than a tarp in the woods with minimal space and cover. The 2nd tier would be a moderate apartment, accommodation would include a bed. The 3rd tier would be a pent house, full equipped with a bed, a refrigerator, clean running water and electricity. The price range would vary from tier to tier.

Since player is only using a visitor's pass, I am pretty sure that no one would sell an apartment inside the city to a stranger and non-citizen. Guess that space inside the walled city that all want to enter and pretty much no-one wants to leave, must be tightly controlled by the government, even when considering people who are already a citizens.

But I can see an option (which Dan already mentions as being considered) for an addition of hotel, or other such institution, as well as some sort of storage-space-for-hire.

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As long as its a place to store stuff and not have it jacked would be nice to have.

I would actually pay for a place to sleep, at least for the night before heading out again. Hell, I pay lots for a lunch at The Red Gnome and I even leave tips.

I wonder how that would work for Insomniac characters, though. Maybe it wouldn't replenish all the sleep meter and give you a different text about it.

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Use sleeping pills for Insomniac characters. Personally I just want a place to store my stuff safely. Right now in v0.984b, I'm having to stand guard at a place I set up near the outside of the DMC, hoping none would come for my goodies. The DMC guards seem cool, but I don't know if they will jack my ammo and such.

Guards won't take anything. Other NPCs like loots and such will though.

Cool to know about the guards. So even if I have stuff stored in a camp building, looters and such will still take them?

The chance for them to see the stuff depends on the Concealment stat of the campsite (only visible for those with Hiding skill) - higher the concealment, lower the chance that NPC will see what's in it. Stuff that is placed on the ground is always visible, and if NPC wants it, he will come for it. So the good thing is to make sure that there is no junk lying on the ground of the hex where your camp is located, so it does not draw any unwanted attention.

Also, since the guards attack gangers on sight, and looters in about 50% of times, there is no safer location to make your camp than near the DMC.

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I have a camp in the sprawl and since the guards keep looters and gangs away, my stuff never gets stolen. Even Hatter's building is fairly safe.

I also claimed the Cryo Facility as a home and it never gets looted either.

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You can use Camp screen in Junk market to store items
It won't reset after time and NPCs don't go there.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

If its just a place to store stuff, maybe the bank could be made to actually function (aside from story content), perhaps giving the player a safety deposit box, or something larger to store things, for a fee of course.

We either die a survivor, or live long enough to see ourselves eat every DMC guard.

As soon as I got too the DMC for the first time I saw apartments and I was like oh go yes to later find out you can't actually buy them. Remember this they are probably gonna add everything Ina new game so if there's gonna be a safe haven let there be apartments you can get.