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DMC Guards

Upon attacking/killing a DMC guard, would I be able to go back to DMC or would it shut me out? I've pretty much reached endgame and with nothing to do I've just resorted to killing looters that stumble around the DMC gates but they're too few and far between so I figured I would try my hand at attacking the guards but I was unsure if that would just screw me over. Thanks.

Well, sometimes guards attack me for no apparent reason and I usually end up killing them in self defense. I had no problem getting into DMC afterwards.

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Ah, yeah, I just said "screw it" and killed one, went to the junk market to sell all his stuff, then went to the diner for some food. lol

I'm guessing this is an unintended issue, though. Guards would probably be made harder to kill or maybe they will always travel in groups or something to prevent this. Well, gotta make lots of money off DMC guards while we still can. :P

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The reason DMC still lets you in is simple, if you kill all the guards in the area, as in no guards you can see, and none escape back to the DMC to tell them you assaulted them realistcly you'd be fine.
They'd just assume they got bummed by a dogman or got the blue rot from some preachers.

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