Very disappointed battle (Is it glitch related?)

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Very disappointed battle (Is it glitch related?)

I've been playing pretty hardcore for several days. I've learned a lot of nuances of how to survive. If I die it's because of a stupid mistake on my part. No problem.
However, I just spent several 10 days (game time) working on my 'mojo'. I even had everything stolen twice and still regrouped and got some stuff. I got everything ready to move to the GLOW and spent several turns curing meat, boiling water and the like. I end my turn and I am attacked by 2 guys with "no" weapons, just 'punch' skill. I'm loaded with awesome threat weapons and a crowbar in hand. I try to get them to leave with a surrender threat and they just advance anyway. Needless to say, we have to fight. No problem, they just have "punch',... BOTH OF THEM. In 4 rounds of battle I'm dead. I was at full health, rest, and not hungry.
How is that possible just from getting punched? I've fought worse with less.

Since you didn't mention anything, it could be possible that your opponents had some combat-related traits, including proficiency with melee combat. While a punch or two shouldn't be instant death, sufficiently strong and skilled person has a chance of knocking out less durable opponent with a single strike, IRL - not overly common but it happens. The strength of unarmed hits again clothed etc character may need some balancing but I am not surprised it's well within range of RNG.

I am afraid you just had bad luck. Though for the sake of clarity you should also tell whether you died right away or not - it's also possible that again, the attacks simply knocked you unconscious and your adversaries simply finished you up when your lights went out.

Fighting against 2 is a huge disadvantage, no matter how prepared you are. Falling to the ground is almost fatal since both could get the kick on the ground and keep you down there, as an easy target for the other guy to exploit. This is specially the case with melonheads and their ability to call for backup.

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What the guys are saying is all truth. What's more, you need to keep in mind that the notion of person's fist being the weakest weapon imaginable is an old gaming trope. It's coming from the fact that many games have an item-related progression system, and fist are what you are starting with (cause they're attached to you) so they must be weakest, simply because that allows for other items to be better.

In NEO Scavenger, fists are not the "worse" weapon, as they have better damage multiplier than stuff like multitool blade or a medium branch (however, bare fists are the least scary weapon and holding a multitool or a broken bottle will have a much better chance to break the enemy's morale, especially combined with Threaten move). Also, as was mentioned above, if the enemy adds the skills like Strong or Melee (which cannot be seen on Conditions list during combat) to his arsenal, the fight suddenly becomes a real risk. It was a comparison mentioned in some other thread, but standing against Tough, Strong and Melee guy is like fighting a professional boxer or someone like that. Imagine trying to duel a Mike Tyson (in his prime years), most people would be totally screwed, wielding crowbar or not :D

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Thanks for the insight . y'all. I'm sure it was a combination of all of what you guys said. I guess the fact that it happened in just 4 turns is what flabbergasted me. No worries though. In fact, for me, half the fun is starting a new "scav".
Thanks again, y'all. Happy Hunting!!!