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Is it allowed to put playthroughs on youtube? Is there any problem with putting ads on the videos?

Hey Seanbeag!Sure, you can put playthroughs on youtube. And ads are ok too. Youtube's policy may require that you have written permission to do so, however. Eventually, I'll write up a "Terms of Use" page on the website (similar to Minecraft's) so players can direct Youtube to the page for confirmation. Until then, you can email me (use Contact page, above) if you need any proof of permission.Good luck on the vid!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Cool. I'll be doing a few videos so. Youtube rarely check but if they do I can point them to this forum.

Here's a link to my first vid also suggest you check out Christonians videos as they are what put me on to the game

If you could like or favourite the videos you will help us out and make them more popular.

The video was really good, I hope it helps people struggling with the game and maybe even attract new players.  Letting your medkit lay on the ground while going to scavenge was an awesome choice, even though it didn't work out in the end.  I was rooting for you!I'd like to point out a few things that may help new players on your next video.- You walked through many tiles that had items on the ground but didn't look at them.  Most of the time these are just recipes or random bolts, but sometimes water can be found this way.  It costs no movement points to look!- You never tried to purify your water, even when you found pots to boil water in and purification tablets.  You can play by drinking all the water for a short time, but if you want to survive you must purify your water or die of disease. Building a fire to purify your water isn't time consuming and doesn't cost movement points.- You have the botany skill, but never identified the mushrooms you were eating.  It is common to find poisonous mushrooms that look just the same as the regular brown kind.  I really can't believe the luck you had not eating some poisoned ones there. Identifying mushrooms costs no movement points either (although it is slow and annoying, should be automatic with botany).Thanks for the video, I really enjoyed it!

Please help with the <a href="" title="NEO Scavenger Wiki" target="">NEO Scavenger Wiki</a>!

I only figured out how to use abilities on items so I'll try that in future.I think it would be better if the abilities that can be used were listed along the bottom of the inventory screen though. In all my games so far though I have never had any problem with poison or disease. Maybe it's because I didn't get far. I also didn't know about boiling water so I'll try that.EDIT: Next video goin up shortly. Couldn't figure out how to boil water though.

Second video up and third one uploading. Here's a link to my playlist. comments or tips on my playthrough are welcome

Just checked out the third video.  These are a great resource for a new player.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record though, you really should boil your water.  I know you're trying to go as fast as possible, but when your character drops dead of cholera after a lot of work it can make a difference.  At one point you said "just drink the dirty water."  Great advice for a speedrun to the glow, but not so good for a more methodical player.

Please help with the <a href="" title="NEO Scavenger Wiki" target="">NEO Scavenger Wiki</a>!

i did actually try it and it didn't work. I'm not sure if that part was in the video. I've figured it out now so I will be showing it in the next video don't worry.

New video up. Higher quality now. Great start in this one and it could hopefully go on a while. a few questions. How exactly do you clean water? I tried lots of stuff but it didn't work. And how do you improve your campsite? Can you use lockpicks at all without the skill?

There are three ways to make purified water (that I'm aware of). The first and second involve boiling it, the third is to use water purification tablets.Purifying Water - Method 1 - You can boil any water with a small flame and an empty can.  Empty can plus water plus small fire (lighter plus twigs).  This kills the fire last time I used it, which was several builds ago.Method 2 - You can boil any water with a campfire and a pot.  Empty pot plus water plus campfire.  The fire will stay lit in this example.Method 3 - You can use water purification tablets. One purifying tab plus water.Hope this helps to clarify (pun intended).As far as improving your campsite, you can build a shelter out of tarps and branches, and leave a sleeping bag there.  Not much else at the moment.  You can create lockpicks by using eight assorted nuts and bolts etc plus the lockpicking skill.  If you don't have physical lockpicks, the lockpicking skill is useless.

Please help with the <a href="" title="NEO Scavenger Wiki" target="">NEO Scavenger Wiki</a>!

method 2 did not work for me. I never thought of using a can in method one so i will try that.

Edit:Just watching your Episode 4 video. At 13:45 you almost have the correct recipe, but the water you are using is already purified (the bottled water that you find already full are pure water). Once you successfully use the recipe, clicking it again will incorporate any unclean water whether in bottles or not (with campfire).Another thing to note is that a bottle of purified water is worth $6 and unclean or cola is $2. So you can double check you're drinking safe water.Don't think i've been able to use lockpicks either, as I never take the lockpicking skill. 

That makes sense. Thanks.

Episode 5 is up. It's a long one. Includes water purification, camp construction, efficient use of the recipe system and glorious battle.<br>

Next episode is up.

I've noticed that food seems to be totally ineffective, as do noise traps. If anyone can point out where I am going wrong I'd be grateful.

Next video is up. Starting over with the lates version.

Anyone know if you can rotate items in inventory?

Hey Seanbeag! Rotating items should be possible using the A/D keys while dragging an item around.

As for the food being ineffective, do you mean that it's not affecting your hunger bar? Or is it a stuck condition? (e.g. you have the "starvation" condition even though the hunger bar says "well-fed.")

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

In my last playthrough i ate a tonne of food but the hunger bar never moved. Haven't noticed it in the newest version but i have the metabolism skill in this one.

Dan would it be possible to get an email from you giving me permission to use the footage and monetise it? Youtube are being a bit erratic with their permissions.

Hey Seanbeag,

I just sent you an email with a permission doc. Let me know if you need anything else!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks a million. That should be grand.

Next video up

Got to the Hatter but then nothing happened. I must have missed something somewhere.

Next video is up

Bloody hard game these days

Ran out of space in the YouTube comments, so I'll follow up here :)

Thanks for sharing the playthrough vid! It's always helpful for me to see how other people are playing NEO Scavenger, and with the running commentary, it gives me valuable insight into what you're thinking as various things happen. Great work!

A couple questions/pointers:
- at 1:00, you seem to skip the plastic bag, and only take the small parts. Did you know the bag can be worn as a backpack?
- I also notice you don't use many hotkeys. Is this for the benefit of the vid?
- At 5:00, there's a bug that causes lost moves when the campfire is used in crafting. The workaround until I can fix it is to have a second light source on hand when crafting at night (e.g. torch).
- At 5:20 you appear to run into the multi water crafting bug. Right now, only matching water types can be crafted as a group, which is why some combos of water craft and others don't.
- At 13:30 you wonder about the camp not being a building. Buildings have to be found (reported along with loot results), and can be swapped in for the "default" camp spot all hexes have. Just fyi, as it might not be intuitive.

Hope this helps, and thanks again!

PS: For a title like "Slim Pickings" you sure did find a lot of stuff :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

This was actually my third play through in a row, the first two I didn't post. The title was in reference to the fact that most of the locked storage sheds were empty, something which doesn't make sense with the first two videos missing.

thanks for the bug pointers, I'll keep them in mind. There was a reason I left the bag but I can't remember what it was now.

Back with a new playthrough. Some nice changes been made to the game. Still a lot of empty locked sheds though. Am i missing something?

Hey Seanbeag,

Great vid as always! I took a few notes as I watched, and hopefully I can answer a few questions for you.

First off, the locked sheds currently have a 55% chance at loot when scavenged by a crowbar, and 75% with lockpicks. However, you got me thinking about it, and I think you're right. There is really little chance a locked shed would be empty. Most people don't lock an empty shed, unless they planned to fill it soon, or recently emptied it.

I've made some tweaks to the data, and increased the loot chance to almost 100% with crowbars and lockpicks. To compensate, I've also adjusted the shed probabilities such that locked sheds are more rare, and the unlocked versions more common. It should come with the next build upload.

Regarding athletics, the +2 moves benefit has been removed, and exchanged for +2 run reserve. Running is a new feature to allow short bursts of speed when travelling the map. The character has 1 or more run reserve points, and when run is active, the cost of hex moves are halved. Each move while running depletes the run reserve, and the replenish via unused movement points at the end of a turn. Athletics also decreases the fatigue cost of movement.

The scavenge button disappears if there is an enemy in an adjacent hex. Also, hexes regenerate scavenge locations slowly over time, so it's possible to scavenge the same hex over and over. Since hexes are pretty large (several km square), this is meant to simulate discovering new places on later visits. A hex technically never becomes "scavenged out," which is a bit unrealistic, but I figure checking every building in a 1km square area would also take a very long time in real life.

I noticed you manually build fires instead of using the crafting recipe button. Did you know you could click on the recipe button to assemble all ingredients?

And yep, you have pockets now! You and others have made a good case for them, so I finally added them :)

Thanks again for the vid. Keep up the good work!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks for the reply. I see where you are going with the lockpicking being more beneficial to crowbar. I suppose it was necessary to make lockpicking a viable trait choice. But realistically it doesn't fit that you would fing more stuff if you used lockpicking. But perhaps you could add items that could not be opened by a crow bar. Perhaps a safe, or a gun cabinet? Both tend to be quite secure and very few could be opened using a crowbar alone but lockpicking would be usable on it's own to open it. Perhaps a safe could be opened using a combination of tools or lockpicking alone or perhaps even mechanical skill. This would make lockpicking more attractive as a trait choice at the start. Maybe even add some electronic lock safes that require and electronic skill or hacking to bypass.

As I write this an idea comes to me. At the start you are in what I call an event location, namely the cryo facility. You get to use all your skills and they determine what loot, if any, you come out with. Have you considered putting more of these events around? The one that springs to mind is an abandoned military base. It could be a hard to find place with great loot but your chosen skills determine what kind of loot you can scavenge. For example, if you have mechanical skill you could salvage parts from vehicles. If you have lockpicking and electronics you could access the armory bu combining them. Perhaps hacking could give you an alternate route into the armoury. Botany or medicine cou8ld allow you to access the bases medical supplies. It might make the lesser used skills more attractive. Sorry, just an idea that popped in.

I think I understand the athleticism thing. Perhaps lower movement penalties could be another benefit of it? An atheltic person would likely traverse a hill much faster and easier than a couch potato.

Does the loot vary as new scavenge positions are uncovered ona tile. It would seem to make it very beneficial to camp in a town with some adjoining towns if that were the case.

I do the recipes by hand so I don't forget them.

Are the pockets with the hoodies or the jeans?

I'd like to let skills and items open certain doors that are otherwise blocked in the game, as you describe. The main plot we've been working on offers more opportunities like that, as may some side quests if we have time to implement them.

Scavenging has a light version of this already, with strong/crowbar unlocking bonus loot in buildings, and botany/trapping in forests. I'd like to add more, once higher priorities are finished.

Athletic actually does what you describe, if you're running. The bonus run reserves mean you can traverse more hexes for the same cost as someone without athletics. And whether running or not, couch potatoes will get tired and need rest/sleep sooner than athletic types.

Loot is randomly determined by the location scavenged, and the skills/items used. So it's not possible for a hex to be "mined out." You are correct in assuming it's more beneficial to camp in a place near greater numbers of the desired scavenge type (cities, forests, etc.).

As for the pockets, it's both. One appears with the hoodie, the other with the jeans.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Latest video here

Trying to get to grips with the new fighting system. So far I am practicing the "knock them down and leg it" style of fighting.

A perfectly valid (and endorsed) strategy :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games