Dev Box Running, and Plot Writing

I spent a few more hours today migrating tools and files from the old box to the new. Had to setup dev environment and compiler, Apache server, MySQL, PHP, and then sync the repositories to get the NEO Scavenger source code. There was quite a bit of tweaking to get it working, namely issues with the Windows path variable, and remembering the proper credentials and settings for services.

Finally, when it came time to compile, I was pleasantly surprised. Way faster on this machine. Compiling the editor even went quickly, and the load time was easily half or less than the old box. MySQL queries were much snappier. Everything was just smoother and quicker.

The old box was a dual core 3Gz cpu with big hard disks. The new one was a quad-core 3Ghz cpu with solid-state drives. It makes a difference, and it'll be nice to go through a workday without waiting for drives to spin-up, or queries to process!

After getting the guts of the game compiling and running again, it was back into the editor to crank out encounters. I'm spending most of my time so far working on one of the alternate intros to the encounter. Part of it happens in such a way that the intended illustration doesn't make sense right away, so I'm leaving it as hex art for now. The full illustration will show up later in this path than the others.

Ideally, I'd have illustrations for each step of each encounter. And maybe some day I'll be able to do that. For now, though, I have to be frugal with where I budget art. And in this case, I think it'll be worth it!

Tomorrow, I'll likely still be working on this branch. And there are at least two others I'll need to do. Then, there's the question of seeing where they intersect and/or conflict. Not to mention testing.

Gonna keep me busy for a spell!