Blazing Trails

Today was a good day. I don't know whether it was the impending snowstorm, or just an extra night's sleep, but I got a lot done today.

This morning, I took another running start at the bugs that thwarted me yesterday, and made more progress this time. There were still a few I couldn't repro, but many more I was able to fix.

First, I found two AI bugs while testing. One seems to be the cause of major AI glitches where allies will attack and enemies befriend. Looks like the save/load cycle was corrupting their faction standings. And there was a slight issue in their weapon selection code that could cause them to ping-pong between two equal weapons each turn (wasting valuable moves).

Then, I was able to find and fix a bug that allowed unconscious creatures to continue attacking if they had two or more targets. Campfires now produce consistent ash counts when extinguished, small parts and string now have more succinct names, and the balaclava fits better with the hoodie/armor. The crafting screen no longer lets users "delete" or "use" items. (Though, some have indicated there is value in the former, so I may put it back.)

I also had time to finally do hex art for Allegan Fairgrounds. And then, I started on a new faction and location:

IMAGE( I know it looks like a street samurai, but it's not. I'm just happy with the coincidence :)

So far, I've got the hex art done, a section of map setup, the identifying headwear above, and the beginnings of an encounter. Tomorrow, I'll be working more on the encounter portion of this new content. The aim is to get this into the next test build, along with the fixes.

As much as I dread writing, there should be some fun days ahead!