Help i was shot in the shoulder

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Help i was shot in the shoulder

I was having a gunfight with a dmc leader he managed to shoot me in the shoulder and now my arm is crippled, i finally killed the dmc guard by shooting him to death with all my ammo but the payback is not good...his Equipment is like 5% conditioned probably from my bullets hitting his armor. And i have a crippled arm, how do i get my arm fixed will it heal over time?

You need to make a rough splint and place it on the broken arm, same way as you would place clean rags. It will heal eventually, but be ready for not using that arm for some time.

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Thanks a lot Kaaven, actually i have a bad infection and it spread throughout my whole body and i am in a fatal state, I'm ready to die like a hero i shall be suicidle and take on another dmc guard

Toupaz you are my kind of crazy. I hope you go down in a blaze of glory.

I am really getting tired of Merga Wraith killing me.

Have you tried a nanorobots injection?

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I haven't tried that, should have...too late my character died ;(